Nicety of homebred numerical control cuts blade figuration grinder to show elegant demeanour

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Long-term since, the bit that domestic steely proprietor of an enterprise wants to rely on an entrance grinds a machine tool to undertake to Jian Ren grinding is machined, to satisfy the need of user of steely industry high end, group of Hangzhou machine tool decides to develop high-grade numerical control nicety to cut blade figuration grinder as soon as possible, import a machine tool in order to replace abroad. Traditionally, iron And Steel Companies In China Mainly Use Imported Grinders To Grind Cutting Blades.

To Meet The Requirements Of High-end Customers In The Iron And Steel Industry, hangzhou Machine Tool Group Determines To Develop High-end CNC Precision Cutting Blade Grinding Machines As Competitive Alternatives To Imported Ones.

The curved surface of the back of a knife blade that conjugate cuts blade and plane in recent years, development of iron and steel industry is rapid, become the steely crop is the biggest state on the world not only, and there also is very great progress in the breed of rolled steel and character respect. In plate production, abundantly of steely industry need uses cutting the razor blade of all sorts of armor plate. Accordingly, must use a kind of efficient special device -- grinder of Jian Ren figuration comes to numerical control to make and repair the Jian Ren that grinds armor plate rolling mill, clement to steelworks hot-rolling armor plate and cold rolling board cut on machine cut a head to cut, bilateral cut, scale is cut and sample is cut wait for curved surface of a variety of the back of a knife blade and plane to undertake repairing grinding. These model face figure demand of complex, precision is high, norms length is big, at present the demand can continue the plane that the biggest length shears blade is 6000mm and grinding of circular arc curved surface. Domestic steel look forward to is depended on for a long time since the entrance is long-term, the bit that domestic steely proprietor of an enterprise wants to rely on an entrance grinds a machine tool to undertake to Jian Ren grinding is machined, the razor blade of the Reform company that the famousest is Germany and Goeckel company grinds the grinding of the curved surface of the back of a knife blade that will realize Jian Ren to machine. These two companies are production enterprise of machine tool of German old brand, have 100 old histories, bit is ground use structure of wheelhead movable type, workbench does not have fore-and-aft shift, this kind of structure can ensure in very grow and taller grinding precision is achieved in very wide grinding range, do not move as a result of machine tool workbench at the same time, cover an area of an area very small, machine tool structure is relatively simple and uphold charge inferior. The size range of pipe bent that this kind of razor blade grinds is bigger, reform company polishing width achieves 120-1200mm, grinding length 1000-20000mm, power of wheelhead electric machinery 7.

5-300kW, the machine tool has double wheelhead or add grinding attachment. Name of Reform company Chinese is company of razor-edge machine tool, in last few years China faces south company of rich article machine tool (predecessor is factory of sunny machine tool) built long-term cooperation to concern with company of razor-edge machine tool, by representative of rich article company its curve grows bit special grinding machine. Goeckel company has vertical to grow workbench plane abrasion, wheelhead power from 2kW-350kW, grinding length 1200-15, 000mm, polishing width can amount to 1300mm; The wheelhead power that plane of horizontal long workbench is ground and curved surface obliterates from 10kW-60kW, grinding length 900-16, 000mm, polishing width can amount to 1000mm. The machine tool can use 2 fixed workbench, if use 2 or so workbench to undertake grinding and workpiece hold clip at the same time, when because workpiece fluctuates,can avoiding to expect stop machine. Above razor blade grinds wide application to be in iron and steel and industry of lumber treatment, papermaking, food industry. Congener razor blade is ground although also have,make in home, have representative is Jiangxi the job that factory of the 3rd machine tool assumes batch to make, the product is multi-purpose the industry waits in lumber treatment. A few years ago, we ever also tried had made wheelhead fore-and-aft and mobile razor blade is ground, although also gave a product, but wait for an element considering field of machine tool and make without devoted batch. Accordingly, the razor blade of movable type of fore-and-aft wheelhead is ground and character, no matter be in,the respect such as precision of norms, treatment, control and photograph of foreign machine tool are compared exist certain difference. Heretofore, did not see in steely industry of home use homebred razor blade to grind pair of Jian Ren to undertake machining. In recent years, the Jian Ren grinder that Tianjin grinder factory of home, Shandong faces clear grinder factory to waited to develop structure of shift of a few workbench in succession, receive promotion application gradually in steely industry, satisfied the Jian Ren grinding with one part lesser norms to need. In the machine tool model the respect such as face outline precision and efficiency and foreign product look are fairer than all existing difference, contend with grinder product of abroad hard. Accordingly, steely industry hopes industry of domestic machine tool can make rigid numerical control cut blade figuration grinder generally, machine length to achieve 6 meters rigid numerical control to cut blade figuration grinder especially, in order to satisfy the need that they machine razor blade shears blade. For this, in last few years the domestic key iron and steel such as steel of Bao Gang, saddle, Lai steel produces an enterprise for many times to be in countrywide invite public bidding, the efficiency to equipment of Jian Ren grinding, precision, model index of face quality, function all raises taller requirement. Homebred machine tool shows the elegant demeanour need for user of high end of contented and steely industry, group of Hangzhou machine tool decides to develop high-grade numerical control nicety to cut blade figuration grinder as soon as possible, import a machine tool in order to replace abroad. Since 2006, for saddle hill iron and steel the steel look forward to such as the company designs the numerical control Jian Ren that created a lot of different specifications and structure to grind, formed oneself technical characteristic and advantage. Figuration of nicety of the 60 set of MKC7150 × that own innovation development develops numerical control cuts blade grinder is the field need that in recent years to get used to steely enterprise dimensions admits, wait for place of project of extend of project of each old steel mill to need in the light of steel of Bao Gang, saddle, Lai steel, the figuration of numerical control of a kind of CNC of form a complete set cuts blade grinder. The of all kinds Jian Ren that come out is machined on this series equipment, its precision achieves the requirement of foreign blueprint completely, the machine tool can replace entrance facility, for the user managing a large amount of equipment purchases cost, welcome by steely industry user. This series machine tool basically applies to the MKL7132X25 that Hangzhou machine develops independently steelworks hot-rolling armor plate and cold rolling are clement board cut on machine cut a head to cut, bilateral cut, scale is cut and sample is cut wait for curved surface of a variety of the back of a knife blade and plane to repair grind. Can carry on the plane that the biggest length shears blade is 6000mm and grinding of circular arc curved surface, yi Ke uses as a variety of complex curved surface reach other a few planar grinding that grind material spare parts hard, the machine tool has grinding figuration precision tall, model face face quality is good, grinding efficiency is advanced characteristic, realized Electromechanical unifinication. Main technique characteristic has this series machine tool: (1) the workbench reciprocate structure that uses maturity and foreign razor blade are ground different, the machine tool used the planar grinder structure of mature workbench reciprocate, and used new technology of grinding of figuration of fast reciprocating type. This kind of craft is different from craft of general grinding of figuration of puissant delay feed, it is applied to fore-and-aft model the figuration grinding of the curved surface with longer face, grinding efficiency prep above is puissant grinding of delay feed figuration. Be aimed at the characteristic with machine tool bigger length, machine tool lathe bed and slideway of fore-and-aft and linear scroll all use the advanced engineering technology of 3 paragraphs of accurate joining together, will assure the geometrical precision of slideway of large lathe bed and fore-and-aft motion precision with this. (2) the ball guide screw that has own intellectual property the main drive disk assembly of machine tool of the dual flexible and auxiliary system that prop up -- guide screw of ball of fore-and-aft 6m long and thin high speed secondary linearity issue (namely deflection problem) the bottleneck problem in becoming guide screw of high speed ball to apply in this equipment. Nextpage of sketch map of the dual flexible and auxiliary structure that prop up increases ball guide screw guide screw diameter and increase the tightens force to be able to solve guide screw admittedly beforehand deflection when assembling and the vibratile problem that produce in locomotive process, but what bring subsequently is to increase guide screw diameter to be able to make the moment of inertia of guide screw greatens quickly necessarily, as a result cannot match with drive electric machinery and reducer photograph; Increase assemble tighten force to will reduce guide screw again beforehand deputy reach guide screw the two service life that carry accurate bearing, its motion precision also will be affected badly. To solve above problem, through a series of theoretical calculation and feasibility are discussed, own innovation considered to develop fluid of Electromechanical of a collect the ball guide screw at an organic whole the dual flexible and auxiliary system that prop up, this are auxiliary prop up basically use at long and thin guide screw online prop up, use spring flexible fast drive sustains the hydraulic pressure that prop up a form that moves to be passed in order to make the nut of reciprocate successful downward. Its function is to reduce deflection of long and thin guide screw, assure the dynamic precision when status of machine tool job, improve the service life of guide screw. This successful research and development of unit technology made up for international already the blemish of congener structure, also fill home is blank. At present " fluid pressure type of bar of a kind of filament is flexible belt support " already obtained a country to invent patent and practical and new-style patent technology (patent date is CN200810062456 respectively.

5 with ZL2008 2 0088733.

5) . (3) the structure of workbench of magnetism of sine type circumgyrate that machine tool of structure of workbench of magnetism of sine type circumgyrate used many joining together, its circumgyrate workbench is bound by 3 magnetic sucking disk at an organic whole, the left and right sides is two-terminal prop up among set auxiliary prop up reach auxiliary locking unit, put the work after be being secured via magnetism on magnetic workbench, can turn easily left circumgyrate index plate, index plate of the locking after through each high accuracy couplet axis structure rotates coaxial of 3 quadrature magnetic workbench to need point of view to place can, make put the workpiece curved surface on magnetic workbench and emery wheel axes to keep parallel, will finish the grinding that becomes aleatoric angle curved surface with the level, the result of grinding of clamp much curved surface that achieves same work. The successful design of this function component shortened greatly the working metre of the grinding of many curved surface to same work, improved work efficiency effectively, agree with batch production. (4) plan of grinding of complex curved surface is aimed at contain all sorts of complex curved surface (include elliptical curved surface) craft of Jian Ren grinding, the staff technology that is automatic grinding program is crucial, its characteristic is a basis blade point appearance, computation gives the radius of approximate circular arc of every curved surface, the grinding that the 2 axes linkage that adopts numerical control system will come to to realize curved surface of cylinder of the back of a knife blade, give other point curved surface with same methodological grinding. Use method of approximate big circular arc to realize the grinding of pair of elliptical faces, can reduce the complex degree of grinding to program and treatment difficulty greatly, reduced finished cost again, worry bit via checking place curved surface of each the back of a knife blade and factual on size error are very small, made sure conjugate cuts the precision of clench the teeth of blade. (5) the numerical control technology with machine tool advanced application, implementation is full automatic grinding of automatic and the nap of automatic emery wheel that machines a machine tool, automatic compensation, fast approach, program and diagnose a function oneself, assured efficient full automatic grinding. Use transfer circular arc interpolation and technology of orbit error compensation, be controlled effectively and eliminated the ripple that workpiece produces in grinding of fore-and-aft curved surface, make workpiece is had taller model face quality. Control system safety defends except have belt break magnetism to detect protective function and cut off the power outside protecting a function, still have arenaceous when the accident appears to cut off the power in grinding axle to return knife function automatically, make the machine tool has higher security, basis of this series machine tool user demand, use much number of axle of Xi Menzi 840D or 802DSL to control a system, can linear to 3 of the machine tool axis, namely X axis: Workbench is fore-and-aft motion; Y axis: Wheelhead is perpendicular feed moves; Z axis: Wheelhead is transverse and mobile, undertake the linkage of 2 axes controls alone control or random, implementation circulates to the automatic grinding of workpiece, compensate the nap quantity of emery wheel automatically. Line of emery wheel constant fast control. X, Y, Z3 to motion all by communication servo electric machinery -- system of deputy transmission of ball guide screw is finished. Use high accuracy linear scroll slideway deputy, assured the movement condition precision when machine tool grinding and tigidity completely on the structure. Structure of wheelhead main shaft is compact, CNC controls emery wheel to undertake with condition of optimal constant linear velocity grinding is machined, entrance high accuracy rolls into group character contact ball bearing regards main shaft around as bearing, increase negative charge beforehand, radial of the main shaft after assuring to assemble and axial precision ≦ 0.

003mm, assured the precision grinding of the product. Machine tool workbench is fast reciprocating type motion and sine type but structure of circumgyrate magnetism workbench, those who assured a product is efficient grinding. According to the much axis random of grinding of numerical control figuration feature of 2 axes linkage reachs a few requirements that the user raises, the machine tool chooses corresponding functional component to match. The machine tool has automatic nap successive grinding function, can finish complex to Jian Ren curved surface or planar grinding automatically, still can serve as large and planar grinder to use at the same time. Sine type but structure of circumgyrate magnetism workbench, implementation workpiece holds clip much model face grinding effect, raised the working metre of grinding of same work much curved surface, be helpful for batch treatment. The safety of system of machine tool control defends except have belt break magnetism to detect protective function and cut off the power outside protecting a function, still have arenaceous when the accident appears to cut off the power in grinding axle to return knife function automatically toward the case, have higher machine tool security. Perspective is wide figuration of nicety of numerical control of 60 large series cuts MKC7150 × blade grinder, apply to big norms to cut the accurate grinding of blade figuration surface, each technology index all presses facility nicety lies standard of grinder of plane of axial quadrature stage asks treatment is made. On the structure each feed orgnaization all uses the form of guide screw straight couplet, make each drive disk assembly has facility stability of taller movement condition precision, also increased the treatment precision stability of equipment at the same time. Machine tool and foreign product photograph are compared have technical advantage, can replace number of feed inlet completely to accuse bit to grind. Price of precision, efficiency, machine tool all excel imports equipment. According to be opposite at present a few numerical control of domestic that already introduced from German Reform company or Goeckel company cut blade to grind the understanding of equipment, its are main 60 series of norms parameter and × of MKC7150 of Hangzhou aircraft group cut blade grinder to contrast quite watch. See from the watch with the comparative watch of German machine tool, as a result of the reason on the structure, 60 series numerical control cuts MKC7150 × the precision of blade grinder greatly excel entrance razor blade is ground, the norms of the machine tool is bigger also, OK and contented steely industry machines big norms to cut the demand of blade. The sexual price of the machine tool imports a machine tool than excel, defect is the workbench reciprocate as a result of the machine tool, of the machine tool cover an area of an area bigger. The success of this series machine tool makes the technical barrier that broke a developed country to build and develop place to require major equipment to Chinese iron and steel industry and block, implementation is great technical equipment is homebred change. According to rough estimation, year of demand that logarithm of domestic steely industry controls grinding machine of accurate figuration shears blade in 30 above, if among them 60% solve in home, need 20 lot, applied prospect is good. CNC Milling CNC Machining