Of solution of treatment of case hardening steel take file

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Case hardening steel is hardness of a kind of surface layer tall, wear-resisting and the distinctive material with core impulse withstand ministry. It is a kind of good stuff that engraves an environment with Yu Ke, gear case of such as car and transmission system spare parts. The property of production part of institute of case hardening steel and utility ask reduplicative machines Gaojuke surface roughness of precision, surface and exterior integrality. To achieve above requirement, PCBN (get together nitrogen of brilliant cubic metre changes boron) cutting cutting tool upgrades ceaselessly, offer economy for spare parts of case hardening steel and credible treatment solution. Come through innovating since development is old, seco is machining respect of case hardening steel active enterprising, roll out the material qualitative order and degree that takes dominant place, be like CBN050C and CBN160C. We pledge through material the innovation of grade and type will prove we can satisfy the demand that you increase increasingly ceaselessly. The takes dominant place material qualitative order and degree that no less than offers, seco still innovates with its and proud, the home and the first only company that become treatment of case hardening steel to provide integral PCBN cutting tool, still offer the distinctive high-powered product such as such as Helix and razor blade of Crossbill Xiu Guangren at the same time. As the issuance of CBN060K, seco is together a lot of new technologies and distinctive concept confluence, reveal a kind to you brand-new the product function of level. The 6 big characteristic Secomax CBN060K of CBN060K had been used at H20 of turning H10 – to use the case hardening steel of the domain by special design. This material qualitative grade just is able to succeed through a large number of research and development, have a variety of complete innovation and the technology that get patent protection. Let us show our advanced technique for you, more important is to should understand them the meaning to you. 1.

Multilayer K film -- enhance performance. The film of PCBN cutting cutting tool that is used at processing case hardening steel is a kind of activator that is used at enhancing performance. However, as brand-new K model multilayer film (patent is waited for batch) invention, seco already promoted new height film technology. Multilayer of the invention of film technology, pre-treatment optimize and photograph of PVD deposit technology is united in wedlock, had obtained a kind of industry to be able to enhance the film of product function unprecedentedly so. The benefit of film includes: Promotion wearability, reduce crescent moon bits of platoon of depression tatty development, improvement, raise matrix press stress. 2.

The CBN grain of micron class size -- improve exterior surface roughness. The core of any PCBN cutting tool is CBN grain. Method of particle size distribution, synthesis and homogeneity can affect the final performance of the product. The concessionary material qualitative grade with the CBN granularity that CBN060K used measurement of class of a kind of micron and CBN admirable particle size distribution. It can offer longer cutting tool life and consistency, combine surface roughness of admirable spare parts surface. 3.

Super alloy binder -- world head money. CBN060K used the first super alloy binder that has TiCN horniness look. While peculiar binder is not affecting wearability, this improves the mechanical performance of material significantly. Super alloy binder offers buildup product tenacity, provide bigger cutting blade dependability and cutting tool life for you, allow to undertake machining with higher cutting rate, improve productivity thereby. 4.

A variety of product type -- best type flexibility. As CBN050C roll out, seco is the first and current and exclusive the supplier that with rectifying form of characters or letters or point of a knife to solder mood offers qualitative order and degree of identical PCBN material. CBN060K continued the success that much type capable person pledges grade place is obtained and flexibility. The multiple choice of product type, in do not mix the premise that uses product ability qualitative social estate to fall, for your treatment craft offers the type that suits most, because this ensured the consistency of craft. 5.

Optimize cutting blade profile for reliable treatment. The accuracy of cutting blade and appearance are implementation grows and the crucial factor of the cutting tool life that can predict. We had completed an exhaustive research and test technological process, the cutting blade that aims to build optimization, first-rate pours the profile with arris and abrade point. This will make you develop the physical characteristic with exceedingly good CBN060K the ground incisively and vividly. These can let you obtain via the cutting blade profile of fine adjustment best and consistent cutting tool life and keep stable and the optimal balance between consistent treatment precision. 6.

HELIX Xiu Guangren -- a kind of new-style Xiu Guangren technology. Current, technology of the blade that repair light is one kind already is approved can shorten the way that machine cycle and improves productivity. However, related to razor blade of the blade that repair light the cutting force of couplet rises to be able to arise sometimes vibration and brace up quiver. Helix Xiu Guangren is designed is a kind of clever systems, its different boundary in radius of Xiu Guangren area and circular arc of point of a knife changes the point of view of arris. Helix Xiu Guangren has two kinds of type, can control development of depression tatty of cutting force and crescent moon effectively. Below not stable operating mode, horny Helix Xiu Guangren (the profit that the tall feed that WZP) makes you enjoy Xiu Guangren technology adequately brings, and can bring about in the past brace up quiver. Using the occasion of razor blade of the blade that repair light currently, xiu Guangren of negative horn Helix (WZN) can wear away through making crescent moon depression be far from cutting blade to prolong cutting tool life apparently. Blade of oscillatory · cutting is being reduced when outfit of · of HELIX WZP of negative horn of horny HELIX WZP places rigid difference longer · applies to the life of cutting tool of · of radial cutting force with stronger lower · the circumstance · outfit that outfit clip does not stabilize reduces oscillatory · to be repaired when the standard when clip is firm CNC Milling CNC Machining