3D Printing technology reachs example in the application in research and development of car of new energy resources

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As the car " new 4 change " development, car exterior, interior trim, structure already all produced change, especially promotion of specifications of cell of power of car of new energy resources, electric machinery is faster, industry letter ministry is right announcement of car of new energy resources (catalog) administrative demand is higher and higher, announcement lifecycle is controlled basically in 1 year. Car of new energy resources is truckload frequency of research and development of company new product second taller and taller, cycle is shorter and shorter, and charge of research and development is increasing, difficulty is taller and taller. Face new situation, then look forward to of more and more car of new energy resources use 3D Printing technology. 3D Printing technology introduces to reach example in the application in research and development of car of new energy resources below, offer reference of person of the same trade. One, after knowing 3D Printing machine to have the computer, the computer should show consideration people as a result, at present general pattern has 2 kinds, it is screen shows, 2 it is printer prints a result to be on paper. Graph printer of 1 color ink jet pursues 1 it is the printer of chromatic ink jet that the office uses, have different specifications by utility actually, printer product is seriation. Graph graph of 2 products plan pursues with graph plotter 2 it is the graph plotter that products plan blueprint uses. Printer and graph plotter are basic and identical, at present Chinese printer (graph plotter) use basically foreign brand. Home has so " solid " the printer of the brand has disappeared. Graph 1, graph 2 for planar printer, also call 2D printer. Graph the 3D Printing machine that 3 offices use pursues 3 it is the 3D Printing machine that the office uses. The model of 3D Printing engine that the office uses geometrical dimension is compared. Graph 4 industrial outline drawing of 3D Printing machine 4 it is industrial products plan gives appearance, some can be product function, or it is to be used at mould production, also can be industrial product is revealed. Graph component of the 5 air conditioning that register form and assemble finished product to pursue 5 it is industrial component of zero of the clean of 3D Printing machine that print and finished product. 2, the result that fundamental introduction 2D prints 3D Printing machine is plane, everybody knew fundamental, x-Y axis moves and become, principle of work of 3D Printing engine is on 2D foundation, x-Y-Z axis moves and become, those who make arrive by the dot line, arrive by the line face order is caky, the plot that achieves a level works, next lifting platform moves in perpendicular direction a layer piece height, again solidify another level. So layer upon layer overlay makes the three-dimensional and hypostatic model of aleatoric and complex structure. Specific introduction is as follows: Sketch map of structure of printer of D of sketch map of construction of chance of ① 3D Printing sees a picture 6. ③ of parameter of example of machine of 3D Printing of ② of principle of work of engine of graph 6 3D Printing is industrial advantage of 3D Printing machine: A) can make CAD model terminal metal product directly, need simple aftertreatment or finishing technology only. B) the workpiece that suits all sorts of complex form, suit interior to have complex different structure especially (like cavity, three-dimensional reseau) , the intricate work that cannot make with traditional machining method. C) the substance that can get solid solution and even and petty metallographic are organized having is not balancing voice supersaturation, send density to be able to achieve 100 % almost, function of SLM hardware machinery and forging technology earnings comparatives. D) the laser that makes appliance has high power density, with facula very small stimulate beam of light to machine a metal, make the metallic spare parts that treatment comes out has very tall dimension precision (amount to 0. 1mm) and very good surface surface roughness is worth (50um of ~ of Ra=30 U M) . E) because laser facula diameter is very small, because this can fuse with inferior power Gao Rong chooses a metal, make the metal that uses onefold part pulverous will make a spare parts become a possibility, and can offer chosen metallic powder sort to also be extended greatly. F) can use treatment of alloyed powder of high temperature of titanium pink, nickel radical to solve apply in aerospace extensive, the part of high temperature alloy with even organization is complex the question with a difficult treatment; Still can solve the treatment problem of the gradient function material that the constituent on biology medicine changes continuously. 3, competition of market of car of example of product of 3D Printing new energy resources is increasingly intense, car look forward to all is in seek technology of new science and technology, 3D Printing technology basically is the application that is based on new car model and tool. Accordingly more and more car look forward to use 3D Printing technology, reduce research and development and innovation cost effectively to improve efficiency effectively, answer innovation, of individuation, the client demand of small lot. Product of component of car of ① 3D Printing, see a picture 7. The component product of model of part of 3D Printing of product of component of car of graph 7 3D Printing, see a picture 8. Technology of graph 8 3D Printing produces the model of new energy resources. CNC Milling CNC Machining