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Current the maturity as technology of high speed machining center and the progress that satisfy the cutting tool technology of high speed cutting, taller and taller to the requirement of CAD/CAM system. Because this CAM engineer must want a consideration: The workpiece that how can make CNC treatment comes out achieves high exterior quality and precision requirement; How can make high speed CNC develops efficiency adequately, reduce empty cutting cutter track, reduce handling time and cutting tool loss as far as possible; How to improve the engineer's work efficiency, make can apace writes the program of high quality CNC with a security good expensive dependability. Space-E not only can satisfy afore-mentioned requirements, more the strong support of the technical core competition ability that makes Wei amount to electronic factory easily to maintain oneself. Wei amounts to electronic factory easily is Hong Kong appears on the market enterprise, basically be pair of North America, Europe and Asian area exit the large company of phone having a string, cordless telephone and product of electronics be used to, industry standard ministry has advanced CNC Machining facility, include the machining center such as Japanese MAKINO, OKUMA. Introduced computer workstation to begin to use CAD/CAM software 1991, the software that has early or late has MASTERCAM, STRIM100, EUCLID to wait. 2000, machined process designing function to undertake making an on-the-spot investigation assessment to the CAD/CAM software of many current popularity in the light of high speed, among them Space-E software is the CAD/CAM system software that Japanese day establishs company limited of shipbuilding information system to develop, the cutter track that the makes form algorithm that its distinctive model precision raises pattern of interpolation of algorithmic, circular arc and intelligence change gives birth to a success can the requirement that can satisfy pair of high speed to machine well. Pass meticulous test and many sided quite, this factory introduced Space-E software finally. In numerous CAM software, space-E is one of outstanding CAD/CAM software that can satisfy afore-mentioned requirements, compare with has used CAD/CAM software, have the applied experience of the following Space-E. 1.

Space-E can raise the precision that machines an object, the purpose Space-E that can achieve high speed to machine more uses unique figure to approach equation computation way, can undertake to entity or curved surface precision promotes, realize the treatment of high accuracy thereby. This bit of effect in treatment of actual high speed is very big, when we are using a tradition to machine software to undertake machining so, treatment precision depends on the precision that the model designs, the mould when because curved surface precision is not tall,classics regular meeting is come up against machines the problem such as grain of exterior occurrence grid. The precision that uses SPACE-E promotes a function, can solve above problem conveniently, if pursue,1 is shown. When vendor of a lot of software is emphasizing high speed machining, just emphasize high speed machining the diversity of means method, treatment of not tall to precision curved surface model is at a loss what to do. A) precision is 0.

1b) precision is 0.

01c) precision is 0.

001 graphs the curved surface of 1 different precision 2.

Space-E uses algorithm of circular arc interpolation, machine program is short, can get used to high speed to machine Space-E to use newest circular arc curve to plan to combine a technology more, use means of circular arc interpolation to generate NC to process data, the 1/5 of the NC data that its data bulk has traditional software to use what linear interpolation means generates only comes 1/20, can solve high speed adequately to add man-hour, data processing speed of because the machine tool is right many NC and a series of issues that transmission speed brings not quite, await data like high speed machining center and make machine speed to decelerate or halt, machine grain of exterior occurrence shake, treatment bear is inhomogenous cause the appearance such as the knife. 3.

The standardizes Space-E CAM user interface that Space-E can realize CNC to machine craft conveniently learns easily very simply, make abecedarian OK and relaxed master. Traditional CAM system has higher demand to process designing personnel: The implication that should understand each treatment parameter completely already and setting method, have very high use skill even. In craft of work out treatment, machine methodological choice, treatment is sequential weave crucial, although have best CAM software, if the method is chosen undeserved, also won't have good treatment effect. The treatment material that this asks the engineer wants understanding to differ and different workpiece appearance place machine craft applicably, and the choice of cutting tool and the setting that machine parameter need long-term experience to accumulate more. And the treatment pattern plate that Space-E can machine material, different figure to classify a work out to differ in the light of what differ, implementation machines the standardization of craft. The engineer can choose the treatment pattern plate that suits most according to actual condition, raise the efficiency of treatment and dependability effectively, also facilitate process craft parameter and technique give delay, even if the process designing personnel with scant experience also can make up a better treatment technology to be able to choose more reasonable cutting parameter. 4.

What Space-E can realize high speed machining center conveniently is efficient the cutting with very high demand of treatment of treatment high speed makes the same score stability, prevent the pointed role of turning of cutter track contrail, if be put in these pointed horn, in high speed the machine tool in moving makes what corner is in as a result of inertial action actual moving contrail is out of shape, machine precision with respect to what can reduce CNC. To solve this problem, some high speed machining center produced business to increase to preview a function in controller, in needle of cutter track contrail the meeting when horn turns reduces feed to lead ahead of schedule, raise feed rate again after turn, although can avoid what arise as a result of the inertial action of the machine tool,be out of shape so, but the cutting efficiency that can reduce CNC greatly. When cutting corner, a variety of treatment methods of Space-E can manage the part that add a circle in the corner of cutter track (see a picture 2) , the CNC when such treatment can maintain tall feed to lead already, overcame again inertial be out of shape, achieve better exterior result thereby, develop the efficient treatment property of CNC. Graph 2 in office of cutter track corner Space-E of the horn that add a circle has means of a variety of knife of advance and retreat to be able to choose, if perpendicular, diagonal, helix reachs empty cutting, child empty cutting, we can make cutting smoother and smooth according to needing to select the rightest kind, those who assure high speed cutting is successful finish. 5.

Method of treatment of Space-E process designing is much, intelligence changes tall Space-E to have amount to method of 26 kinds of treatment to offer an user to be chosen according to different situation treatment, the function that intelligence of wh some of which changes can improve the process designing efficiency of CAM engineer greatly, for instance parallel scanning is machined. Method of this kind of treatment is OK in most treatment software see, but of extraordinary is, space-E is OK intelligence changes the ground to compare few and far between area to change angle complement to machine to cutter track, if pursue,3 are shown. Graph the clear part algorithm that 3 intelligence change the intelligence that machines functional Space-E is very outstanding also, it can be calculated automatically according to a knife the surplus of remain giving place, the way that outside telling associate next, approachs slowly upcountry gradually the material with redundant cut away, avoided empty knife already, can make the cutting quantity of cutting tool keeps even again, suit high speed cutting more, and common CAM software is measured as a result of local cutting normally too big and force cannot high speed cutting. Graph the clear part that 4 intelligence spend is algorithmic 6.

Space-E process designing is convenient, security is good this software offerred a variety of safety to ensure a function, convenient user installs full inspection, for instance actual knife grows computational function. Space-E can calculate what what need actually the shortest length that place a knife, can solve what what when we are using small cutting tool, encounter to judge clip to hold the issue of length hard so, because install the limitation of a few treatment that the knife grows too and produces,avoid. Space-E returns the cutting tool that can define according to CAM engineer the contrail of partial cutter track of head of knife of automatic take out and interference of workpiece generation collision. In high speed treatment classics regular meeting uses small diameter cutting tool, this function can make small diameter cutting tool produces effect adequately. Emulation operation of Space-E cutter track is convenient and quick. In machining process of craft process designing, it is very important to cut an examination too, once make mistake, classics regular meeting causes serious consequence. It is OK that the cutter track of Space-E is emulated imitate machines a process, can be the same as treatment actual model to be compared relatively as a result, still can undertake the interference of cutting tool is checked, conduce to the security control that improves treatment process. 7.

Space-E process designing is quick, efficiency tall Space-E provides batch processing function and network long-range computation function, can improve the engineer's efficiency effectively. The program that such engineers can grow computational time quite stays in nightly undertake public machine is calculated calculate or turning coming, thereby utmost ground reduces the time that await, make the engineer has more time to undertake optimizing handling to machining craft, in order to achieve best treatment result. The cutter track of Space-E cuts out and editor function is powerful, cut out in the cutter track contrail that CAM engineer already been doinging follow one's inclinationsly not quite ideal cutter track contrail. Can reduce the phenomenon of empty knife as far as possible through cutting out, improve treatment efficiency. Cut out the function also can be used at be being mixed to the local treatment of workpiece to revise; If the editor function of cutter track is the mirror of orbit, duplicate to cutting tool, rotate when waiting for the place that the operation is machining many same figure, shorten greatly computational time. An outstanding CAD/CAM software can promote the engineer's efficiency greatly not only, also can develop the efficiency of CNC Machining center and precision adequately, achieve the manufacturing competition ability that enhances a company thereby. After introducing this software, alleviated greatly the pressure of CAM engineer, the bottleneck problem of CNC resource also got alleviating, not only product treatment quality got ameliorative and big still political integrity restricted treatment cost, only CNC cutting tool a managing charge 40% . The society is in progress, product lifecycle Yi Yue will jump over short, rhythm of production, life is being accelerated, yicheng of going from place to place accelerates a trend. A company should assure to grow fill do not decline, be about to face improve a product ceaselessly quality, ceaseless shorten the reality that manufacturing cycle and technical personnel flow quickly, the key of the technical core competition ability that retains oneself should make the company maintains enough technology to precipitate namely. Also need better systematic tool to help a company achieve afore-mentioned goals besides the measure on technical management, space-E can yet be regarded as can provide the outstanding software that CAD/CAM technology supports one set. CNC Milling CNC Machining