Force abundant will exhibit electric spark forming machine

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The 8th China (Shenzhen) international machinery and mould industry exhibition (SIMM) will kick off on March 28, limited company of machine tool of force abundant nicety will exhibit first forming machine of 3 water chestnut electric spark, carry Japan machining center of big vertical rivering bend and numerical control lathe, the ginseng of well-known brand product that with etc much money acts as agent by its is exhibited. This second draft those who recommend to reveal for standard of forming machine of electric spark of series of EA of 3 water chestnut paragraph, its but the extensive size range of pipe bent that correspondence goes to to receive plug-in unit mould subtly from average chill casting standard. The buy inside this product has 64-bitCNC to control a technology and carry FPII energy-saving power supply, have the aid of is held through improved DynaTech control unifinication function, make be machined complexly originally become simple easy travel. Another brunt recommends product Japan center of CNC Machining of series of big MB-V rivering bend, use a kind of when be aimed at machine tool main shaft and airframe revolutionary technology -- heat kisses and concept (ThermoFriendlyConcept) , the heat that because temperature changes,can be opposite and produces is out of shape give control, even if below the circumstance that room temperature change amounts to 8 ℃ , the cost of size variation actual measurement in machining a process is only also 8 μ M, realized high accuracy treatment. CNC Milling CNC Machining