Principle of flow transducer job

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Introduction: Flow transducer, just as its name implies, it is a kind of sensor that is used at measuring medium flow, so what is principle of flow transducer job? One, principle of flow transducer job - - brief introduction flow transducer, it is one kind uses a kind when the discharge parameter of the medium such as liquid, gas changes his the signal that is other form to undertake outputting at detecting to detect with instrument appearance. Flow transducer has volume small, weight light, reading is intuitionistic clear, reliability is high, wait for a lot of advantage without pressure loss, accordingly its already were monitored in the environment, safety defends, the many domains such as close an account of medical treatment sanitation, trade get applied extensively, but its can not are opposite non-conductive n the discharge of medium undertakes metrical, this also limitted this development on certain level. 2, principle of flow transducer job - - classified flow transducer can be divided for discharge sensor, insert mood of market of flow transducer of air of type of type flow transducer, lamina, eddy flow transducer of air of type of flow transducer of vortex type air, hot line waits flow transducer, Carmen a moment. Among them, discharge sensor basically sheds rotor component, steady flow component and Huoer component to comprise by body of cupreous a powerful person, water. Main outfit is used at measuring to receive discharge in the end drinking water of water heater, when current passes rotor package, magnetic rotor is rotational, and rotate speed becomes linear change as discharge. The pulse signal feedback that will output by suddenly Er component in this product gives controller, judge the size of discharge by controller, adjust the electric current that controls proportioning valve, control tolerance burning gas through proportioning valve thereby, avoid to light gas water heater to appear in use process Xia Nuandong's cool phenomenon. 3, principle of flow transducer job as above, flow transducer has a variety of different expression forms, the working principle of different flow transducer is very different also. For example, some of ultrasonic flow transducer is based on Duopulefa, use medium to make to the reflex of sound wave frequency happening is changed namely, be in then acoustical source and frequency difference of the generation when receiving the medium of sound wave to move relatively; Some is based on run time law, namely velocity of flow of medium of overlay of velocity of sound, if ultrasonic and current direction are consistent, criterion run time is short, conversely run time is long, velocity of flow can differ operation to must come by run time. Eddy street flow transducer is based on law of eddy current frequency () of eddy street principle, block fluid is placed in the fluid namely and form calorie of graceful eddy market, below the case that has constant flow, two side form block fluid regular eddy. The poor flow transducer that control a standard is based on Bai Nuli principle, namely conduit across part is narrow, form nozzle, flow of because pipeline system is medium aleatoric position is identical, because this is formed,press fall, principle of benefit of basis cypress exert is calculable give flow. CNC Milling CNC Machining