The aircraft engine that is based on knowledge engineering adds a development of fast design module

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Machine add in regarding a plane as structural member commonly used kind of spare parts, its configuration is complex and diversiform, undertake designing below the need support in a large number of occupation standard and standard. Current, plane structure design basically uses software of CATIA three-dimensional design to serve as the platform that build a model, this software great majority is with simple geometry appearance serves as operand, in blending in design knowledge and experience effectively design process, bring about its professional, specific aim is not strong, and consult in great quantities standard and the design efficiency that repeatability designed the job to reduce plane construction. Accordingly, implementation machine is added fast design can improve design efficiency effectively. The article designs the specific requirement of the institute according to the plane, use knowledge engineering and parameter to change design technology, the geometrical feature that increases plane chance a typical structure and design knowledge are relevant couplet, the parameter that establishs based knowledge converts diagnostic warehouse, use development tool 2 times (CAA) realize diagnostic library and CATIA to build modular environment without seam join, compose builds the machine that is based on knowledge engineering to add a fast design module. Machine add a fast design module the development that 1 module summarizes this module is serve as the platform that prop up with CATIA V5, use CAA, Visual Studio 2005 to regard development as the tool, the aircraft engine that the way that develops with 2 realized to be based on knowledge engineering adds a fast design. Combinative plane adds a design requirement and structural characteristic, if the graph is shown 1 times,module uses technological process. This module is in use process, of the diagnostic warehouse that visits according to place different, need user offers corresponding fixed position to restrain information, in be being designed currently with facilitating the feature correct ground guides, this is one of crucial measure that implementation machine imposes a fast design. 2 module are main the machine of functional tradition adds a design process is to build basic model first, be opposite next machine a series of fractionize features that add a structural place to include undertake designing, have Boer operation according to the reasonable order that build a model again, thereby the machine that finish is added design. Machine adding a fast design module is the means that guides through diagnostic pattern plate, first the machine that finish is added structural appearance design, the machine of means of recombine parameter input that finish is added geometrical parameter design. The main function of this module includes diagnostic design and diagnostic parameter to be revised quickly. 2.

Machine of 1 feature design adds a feature to design is get target feature from inside library of diagnostic pattern plate, combine fixed position to restrain information to guide target feature next in designing noumenon currently, implementation designs the process of the intent. The feature designs finish need to guide through the feature, fixed position tie is chosen and diagnostic example turns 3 measure, if pursue,2 are shown. The essence that the feature guides is from the feature concentration gets user place to require a trait [1] , the feature below CATIA platform guides functional general machine adds the user feature that can use CATIA oneself parameter of regulation of the feature that build a model, design, design and formula are compositive rise, the user feature memory that compositive information will possess later arrives in catalog editor Catalog, can the repetition that implementation machine adds a diagnostic information is used, rise machine add design efficiency. Catalog library file is founded after ending, can call through this library file already some machine add a feature. The feature guides fashionable the catalog layer that should offer according to Catalog first undertakes filtration, after the user gets place to require a trait, the fixed position basis that when wanting to enter this feature through guiding, hints chooses corresponding location fiducial, can locate through changing standard way will ensure this feature designs medium proper place to concern in whole. Diagnostic example is changed was to cite object-oriented thought, basis kind the concept with the object, the feature guides fashionable chooses target feature is kind, use consequently same kind of structure feature that founds the example object that come out to have likeness [2] . Be in machine after adding a feature to guide with fixed position the tie is finished, the geometrical parameter that is about to decide according to passing the kind such as navigation mark of intensity computation, inquiry will realize diagnostic example to change, then the machine that finish is added fast design. 2.

2 features parameter is fast after modification machine adds a diagnostic design to finish, corresponding diagnostic parameter name and ginseng numerical value can show in its child on diagnostic tree. As a result of machine add a configuration complex diversity, corresponding diagnostic parameter often is met a lot of, if use CATIA oneself to doubleclick a feature,the parameter name on the tree undertakes those who join numerical value revise, can make parameter modification process too trival. And explain as a result of what do not have parameter sketch map, design staff understands these diagnostic parameter part very hard the geometrical dimension of corresponding what structure, bring about parameter to input mistake of appearance of unreasonable, structure to wait for a problem thereby. Diagnostic parameter modification function is to be aimed at already founded finished engine to add undertake modification and develop, be pair of diagnostic design functions extend with perfect. The chance that design personnel wants to choose place to want to revise only adds a feature, the dialog box that uses fast modification function inputs corresponding parameter to be worth, can add to the machine that already founded revise what undertake geometrical parameter quickly, implementation machine adds a structure to be adjusted of appearance neatly. The explicit knowledge with the implicit intellectual normal translate into such as the design information that the crucial technology plane that 3 module function realizes adds a fast design module to basically devote oneself to to increase commonly used chance a standard, best design method and flow [3] , what design knowledge in order to come true is successive with recycle. In particular function the crucial technology that in developing a process, involves includes: Baconian add with abstraction machine typical structure, parameter converts warehouse of diagnostic pattern plate found, the confluence that knowledge engineering and machine add a feature. 3.

1 machine is added typical structure machine is added a key that goes up as the plane and basically suffer hold a part, apply in plane structure extensive and the form is complex and diversiform. The basis is used and craft characteristic, machine add can divide it is the following kinds [4] : (1) integral part kind: A large number of at plane structural member using, include to lie between costal region of bridge of casing, ala, ala, wainscot to wait. Configuration of this kinds of spare parts is more complex, appearance outline size is large. (2) box form kind: With the link that manages at node of vertical transverse component, include horny box, connect to wait. (3) forked ear kind: Commonly used join at the structure with systematic component, include forked ear connect, side piece, pedestal, rocker. (4) axial tube kind: The canister outside including bumper, intermediate canister, piston, push rod. (5) disc kind: Include lid, annulus, clapboard to wait. Nextpage (6) profile kind: This kind of spare parts is chief body more, the flange that be like bridge, hinge. (7) add kind: This one syncretic is not separate spare parts, be based on the add feature of whole or certain part however, wait like stage of aperture, chamfer, protruding. The machine that according to above summary comes out is added classification, be united in wedlock to design the on-the-spot survey of the institute in the plane, this module is aimed at machine add a main development include bridge flange, side piece, flange aperture, quadrangular reduce fork of groove, ear flange of groove, T bridge, inclined muscle and whorl aperture the fast design function of feature of these 8 kinds of commonly used structures. 3.

2 parameter convert warehouse of diagnostic pattern plate found the machine that comes out according to afore-mentioned Baconian, abstraction to add typical structure feature, in applying knowledge engineering technology to blend in the design criterion of these typical structures and expert knowledge design pattern plate, add for commonly used machine build warehouse of diagnostic pattern plate. The visit that the interface that carries CAA2 second development realizes libraries of pair of diagnostic pattern plate and call, can solve then machine the design that increases a presence in designing a process non-standard, job repeats, design efficiency is low problem. Machine the library of diagnostic pattern plate in adding a fast design module is shown 3 times like the graph. To raise diagnostic pattern plate the versatility of the library is mixed use flexibility, must introduce parameter to change design method. Its are basic the thought is the appearance feature that will convey product model with the tie, the extraction in connecting associate model a few main setting, fixed position or assemble dimension to regard as define variable oneself, revise by a few formula computation gives fluctuant and other relevant measure while these are variable, the founds a series of appearance likeness spare parts that goes to the lavatory quickly thereby [3][5] . Build in compose machine when adding a library of diagnostic pattern plate, implementation parameter changes the course that builds a model to basically include the following 3 measure: (1) basis machine add structure and use characteristic, define appropriate fixed position information, in order to regard the tie that its build a model as the foundation. The fixed position that when locating information is You Jianmo, uses is standard place decision, form information of user fixed position from this, the fixed position that guides the user needs to offer when diagnostic pattern plate namely is standard, locate according to this fiducial can come true machine increase a fixed position in integral design. (2) build geometrical model, found machine add a diagnostic pattern plate. After fixed position information is certain, can have geometrical model build, requirement geometry model wants to be restrained completely. (3) establish parameter and formula, undertake parameter of diagnostic pattern plate is changed. From the extraction in diagnostic pattern plate dimension serves as main geometrical appearance to define parameter variable oneself, use formula to rise the geometrical dimension correlation of these parameter variable and model, the cost that can pass modification parameter variable from this will make the geometrical appearance of diagnostic model realizes real time to change. 3.

The explanatory process that the confluence that 3 knowledge engineering and machine add the shirt-sleeve machine of a feature to add a feature and knowledge engineering is a parameter, what the purpose depends on realizing knowledge is successive with recycle. The feature is the carrier of product information, knowledge is theory and practice is integrated, go to the physical character of diagnostic itself with a kind of as similar as function relation form map in design knowledge, OK the correct correlation that implementation machine adds feature and knowledge. When applying transmit the data in knowledge the feature again, so both can organic confluence is together. In the combinative process of knowledge and feature, of knowledge getting is a crucial step. The main job that knowledge gets is to be a system to get knowledge, build perfect, effective knowledge base. The course that knowledge gets is the process that knowledge engineering division and domain expert work jointly, cent is seesaw pattern and blame seesaw pattern two kinds: Seesaw pattern also says active (AKAS) , raise a question by knowledge engineering division, domain expert makes a reply, in alternant in get knowledge; Be not seesaw pattern to also weigh passive type (PKAS) , the job of expert of domain of noninterference of knowledge engineering division, get knowledge with the means of observation [6] . Machine add design knowledge and design experience, advocate if pass the plane structure with aviation institute to design personnel to have concerned opportunity,increase a design respect communicate the means with communication to get, be in namely alternant in get knowledge. When machine after adding a design feature and knowledge engineering to realize confluence, can use the design of intellectual information drive in the knowledge base, achieve the target trait that contented design asks thereby. In this process, machine if the graph is shown 4 times,the intellectual information that adds a fast design module transfers technological process. Applied example basis afore-mentioned research, the plane machine that used CAA to go out to be based on knowledge engineering in the development below CATIA platform adds a fast design module, its software interface is shown 5 times like the graph. Design quickly in the graph include to be aimed at bridge flange, ear on the toolbar piece, flange aperture, quadrangular reduce fork of groove, ear flange of groove, T bridge, inclined muscle and whorl aperture and 8 features of development design function and 7 features parameter revises a function quickly, the icon that when using, goes up through the toolbar commands but v is corresponding found dialog box or parameter to revise a dialog box quickly. The 3 limits that a middling imposes to use with aircraft engine below are followed form reduce groove to be exemple, will use traditional method to found 3 edges to follow form the process that eases groove and use this to design module to found 3 edges to follow quickly form the process that eases groove undertakes contrast, bright machine adds a fast design module for the dominant position that improving place of design efficiency field to have, if pursue 6, 7 are shown. The article is based on conclusion the products plan concept of knowledge engineering, applied parameter changes design and technology of CATIA2 second development, development went machine add a fast design module. This function module applies in work of plane structure design, solved machine the design that increases a presence in designing a process non-standard, job repeats wait for a problem, came true to design the unity of flow, those who finished design knowledge is successive with put sb in a very important position, rose to design efficiency then. CNC Milling CNC Machining