Cutting tool content spreads the sagacious way that measures manufacturing efficiency

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Generally speaking, the time that operator has 20% on average is used in search for cutting tool to go up, and the plan exercise break down of 15% is caused because of lacking cutting tool. Manufacturing efficiency often by described as taller cutting parameter or efficient machine tool utilization rate, but look in Shanteweikekeleman, management of compact cutting tool is coequal and fundamental. Alleged seed profit manages cutting tool, also be based on this to set out just about. Like managing cutting cutting tool to throw a ball mediumly with acrobatics, the amount allows manageability lesser more. In the meantime, reduce cutting tool inventory to mean managing expenditure, such managing be not come from at reducing necessary cutting tool purchase, come from however at reducing needless cutting tool purchase. If what give in the judgement before purchasing,the challenge that you face is it is necessary, and what is needless cutting tool. Solution of efficient cutting tool government solves user cost to promote an issue at any time and place. Content of use cutting tool sheds administrative solution to control stock is a main job, but often be ignored by a lot of manufacturers however, this meeting brings a lot of needless cost expenses. In a lot of workshops, amount to the inventory cutting tool of 80% to be used rarely; The cutting tool of 60% may be already moss-grown; Worse is, because the treatment job with 15% good arrangement lacks appropriate cutting tool and by incur loss through delay. Shanteweikekeleman's individual cutting tool thing sheds management to serve can the level of cutting tool inventory that will elevate an user, reduce administrative cost and workload 50% . Shanteweikekeleman discusses cutting tool content to flow from 3 different point of view. It is inventory circumstance above all, in the workshop, the cutting tool stock that has 30% on average about is in the state of misgovern, and search correct cutting tool, order new cutting tool and awaiting delivery often is routine medium groovy flow. How to solve this one problem, how to obtain information of the most timely state of affairs of cutting tool government? The method is timely of comfortable ground acquire correct cutting tool. Next, from the point of flow efficiency respect, make cutting tool shedding more reasonable through using AutoTAS or sell goods solution, can be the person that use to bring the following of 4 flow efficiency managing: Reduced purchase cost, shortened machine tool machine down time, fast glibly chooses cutting tool, shortened the delivery time of each phase. Additional, namely from take up the angle of capital considers cutting tool content to flow. The stock measure of inventory level and different cutting tool has very big effect to capital cost, if have a report system that visits easily, the cutting tool demand that the user can control fine stock value, cutting tool to use circumstance and judgement future. Function of another fund control is to distinguish a high cost area and be on the move slow product. How the biggest change reduce cost, it is the issue that every manufacturer is considering, and the angle that manages from cutting tool, the cutting tool thing that Shanteweikekeleman offers sheds administrative solution, give cost undoubtedly reduce brought great help. Software of management of AutoTAS cutting tool and automat solution include not only simple one-way take with drawer function, return can custom-built implementation two-way access a function. Function of these two kinds of plan is powerful, go to the lavatory to be used easily again at the same time. The content of AutoTAS 5 software sheds administrative function to include cutting tool example, stock control, purchase and statistical module. Shanteweikekeleman lands full ERP/ of this software and coke of gram of hill spy dimension on example, net system, automat system and perpendicular litre fall ark can realize a butt joint. Cutting tool content sheds a solution but the needs to offer all sorts of differring solution of the person that the basis is used, from general blame whole set is retail taste a concept (need not visit control) the memory ark that decides to the lock (complete control) . To the company of all sorts of different dimensions and type, such flexibility makes cutting tool content sheds a solution to make an investment that can gain profit. No matter choose which kinds of solution, can control inventory level well, to inventory circumstance be clear at a glance, area of control high cost and be on the move slow product, reduce administrative cost as far as possible. Manage a solution to check EasyPick cutting tool, shanteweikekeleman invites two operator to have its and common competitor solution contrast; An operator has the experience of EasyPick and competitor solution, another is without experience. From familiar equipment, figure out function, find correct cutting tool, arrive again choose cutting tool and leave a machine, the operator that has experience costs 15s in all, and inexperienced operator can cost 30s. Before competitor equipment, similar operation needs to spend the time of double. Have the 30s when the operator of experience needs, inexperienced operator exceeds 1min even. CNC Milling CNC Machining