What is clamping apparatus? The type of clamping apparatus of numerical control machine tool and characteristic

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Apply machine tool clamping apparatus, the treatment precision that is helpful for assuring workpiece, stability produces character to measure; Be helpful for rising labor productivity and reduce cost; Be helpful for improving worker labor condition, assure safe production; Be helpful for enlarging limits of machine tool craft, come true " one machine is multi-purpose " . 1 . The type clamping apparatus of machine tool clamping apparatus is the tooling of a kind of workpiece that hold clip, the cutting treatment that it uses at mechanical production process widely, heat treatment, assemble, solder and detect in waiting for process. The clamping apparatus be called by a joint name that uses on metallic cutting machine tool is machine tool clamping apparatus. In modern production, machine tool clamping apparatus is a kind of indispensable tooling, the production cost of the precision that it is affecting workpiece to machine directly, labor productivity and product. The sort of machine tool clamping apparatus is various, can undertake classified to machine tool clamping apparatus from different point of view. Commonly used classification method has the following kinds. (1 ) the use characteristic classification that presses clamping apparatus is in according to clamping apparatus the general characteristic in different production type, machine tool clamping apparatus can be divided for general clamping apparatus, special fixture, adjustable clamping apparatus, built up fixture and spell outfit clamping apparatus 5 kinds big. ① general clamping apparatus has standardized can machine the clamping apparatus that workpiece differs inside certain limits, call general clamping apparatus, its structure, dimension already normalization, and have certain versatility, if 3 claw use plain top vice, 4 claw from centering chuck, machine tool,sheet moves chuck, table vice, all-purpose dividing head, tip, center to wear wait with magnetic force workbench. Adaptability of this kind of clamping apparatus is strong, can use at installing to place all sorts of workpiece inside proper form and size scope. These clamping apparatus already were made by special workshop as machine tool accessory supply, need a choose and buy only can. The precision that its defect is clamping apparatus is not tall, productivity is inferior also, and the workpiece with complex form of clip of more difficult outfit, reason applies to sheet commonly in small lot production. Special fixture is ② only the fixture that the design of some working procedure of some workpiece makes, call special fixture. In the product in the production with relative stability, bigger batch, use all sorts of special fixture, can obtain taller productivity and treatment precision. The design of special fixture is periodic longer, investment is larger. Special fixture is used in batch production commonly. Divide large quantities of mass-produced besides, in also need to use a few special fixture in small lot production, but should undertake when the structure is designed specific technical economy is analysed. ③ is adjustable certain component can adjust clamping apparatus or change, in order to get used to the clamping apparatus that a variety of workpiece machine, call adjustable clamping apparatus. Adjustable clamping apparatus is a kind of when in the light of the blemish of general clamping apparatus and special fixture development rises new-style clamping apparatus. To the workpiece of different type and dimension, need to adjust only or change the component of individual fixed position on original clamping apparatus and clamping unit can be used. It can be divided again commonly for general and adjustable clamping apparatus and into group clamping apparatus two kinds. Former current range is bigger than general clamping apparatus; Latter is a kind special and adjustable clamping apparatus, it presses the work that group principle is designed and can process gens likeness, reason is in much breed, the economic effect with have better is used in production of medium, small lot. Built up fixture uses ④ assorted component of the standard, component, it is the clamping apparatus that some working procedure of some workpiece assembles only, call built up fixture. Built up fixture is a kind of modular clamping apparatus. Module component of the standard is had relatively high accuracy and wearability, can assemble all sorts of clamping apparatus. Clamping apparatus uses Bi Ke to disassemble, after cleaning, stay wait for assemble new clamping apparatus. Because use built up fixture to be able to shorten,production prepares cycle, component can repeat for many times use, have reduce the advantage such as special fixture amount, accordingly built up fixture is in odd, production of small lot much breed and CNC Machining are medium, medium, be a kind relatively economic clamping apparatus. ⑤ spells those who install clamping apparatus to use special standardization, seriation to spell outfit component to spell the fixture that install and becomes, call spell outfit clamping apparatus. It has the advantage of built up fixture, but taller than precision of built up fixture, efficiency tall, structure is compact. Its foundation board contain crock of small-sized hydraulic pressure with clamp component middling. This kind of clamping apparatus suits to be used on numerical control machine tool more. (2) differ by use machine tool by clamping apparatus of classification of use machine tool, can divide for clamping apparatus of machine tool of clamping apparatus of machine tool of lathe clamping apparatus, milling machine clamping apparatus, drilling machine clamping apparatus, boring machine clamping apparatus, gear, numerical control, automatic machine bed clamping apparatus, transfer matic follows a clamping apparatus and clamping apparatus of other machine tool to wait. (3) the dynamical source that classifies clamping apparatus to press clamp by the dynamical source of clamp can be divided add force clamping apparatus, electromagnetism clamping apparatus and vacuum clamping apparatus to wait for fluid of clamping apparatus of manual jig, pneumatic, hydraulic pressure clamping apparatus, gas. 2. The characteristic of CNC Machining clamping apparatus regards a machine tool as clamping apparatus, the to workpiece outfit when wanting to satisfy machining above all places a requirement. In the meantime, the clamping apparatus of CNC Machining still has the characteristic of itself. These characteristics are: (1)CNC Machining is applied to much breed, medium small lot production, place the much breed workpiece of different measurement, different figure to can be installed, the clamping apparatus of CNC Machining should be had flexible, can place the workpiece that opposes a variety of appearance and measure through be being adjusted appropriately. (The special fixture of 2) tradition has fixed position, clamp, direct and to the knife 4 kinds of functions, and stock contact deserves to try commonly on numerical control machine tool measure appearance of preliminary adjustments of head, cutting tool to reach pair of knives the equipment such as the component, can solve pair of knife problems by the machine tool. On numerical control machine tool by the accurate fixed position precision of programme controll, the cutting tool in can realizing clamping apparatus is oriented function. Because of this CNC Machining medium clamping apparatus does not need to direct and be opposite commonly knife function, ask to have fixed position and clamp function only, with respect to can contented use requirement, can simplify so the structure of clamping apparatus. (3) is those who get used to CNC Machining is efficient, CNC Machining clamping apparatus should be used as far as possible pneumatic, hydraulic pressure, dynamoelectric wait for automatic clamp device fast clamp, assist time in order to shorten. (The stiffness with due and enough itself of 4) clamping apparatus, in order to get used to big cutting dosage cutting. CNC Machining has the characteristic that working procedure centers, want to undertake the rough machining with cutting very great power already in the outfit clip of workpiece, want the precision work that undertakes final precision asks obtaining work again, because the stiffness of this clamping apparatus is mixed,clamping force should satisfy the requirement of big cutting force. (5) is machined to get used to numerical control many sided, the component that should avoid clamping apparatus structure to include clamping apparatus to go up moves to cutting tool the interference of orbit, not cloggy cutting tool adjusts clamping apparatus structure the much face of each place processes work. (The fixed position of 6) clamping apparatus wants reliable, fixed position component should have taller fixed position precision, position position should facilitate clear bits, without cut bits accumulating to stay. The fixed position face that is like workpiece slants small, the consideration adds craft protruding station or can assist fiducial. (The work with little to stiffness 7) , should make sure the smallest clamp is out of shape, if make clamp dot approachs bearing point, the hollow area that avoids to use clamp master piece in workpiece. It is together when rough machining and finish machining inside a working procedure when finishing, if afore-mentioned measure cannot be out of shape workpiece control is inside the limits that machines precision requirement, answer to make before finish machining the program pauses, let handlers alternate before the finish machining after rough machining clamping force (reduce appropriately) , be out of shape in order to reduce clamp the influence to machining precision. CNC Milling CNC Machining