The maintenance of cam controller and maintain

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The 1 requirement that pursues according to electric equipment principle, satisfy archives to operate controller respectively, the cent that observation touchs a head closes whether with a cent is touched to add up to program conform to in hookup, if not agree with, should give adjust, all lead by base lower end two wiring Kong Yin goes out. The wiring that electromotor and resistor must check to concern electrical system before 2 electrify is correct, ground connection is reliable. Corresponding cam controller should be pressed after 3 electrify condition of movement of careful examination electromotor, if have unusual, should instantly dump, yet to be investigated bright reason is rear can continue electrify. Ought to 4 controller often overhaul: by the requirement? Part of connection of  all bolt must originally closely, the lubricant   C that touchs part of attrition of B of   of head wiring bolt to often should keep certain especially touchs head surface to should not have apparent frit spot, the portion that burns frit is repaired meticulously with fine file, the spare parts that D of   of burnish of not usable sand paper damages should change in time. CNC Milling CNC Machining