Have strategical engine to machine plan

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Produce engine cylinder body for auto industry, the cutting tool that need uses is had on service life can forecast gender and stability. And just of Shanteweikekeleman matching a knife has these features and can satisfy manufacturer to confrontation well the requirement of quantity, cost effectiveness and dependability. Quality, cost effectiveness and dependability are the main factor that promotes auto industry development. Accordingly, produce engine cylinder body for global auto industry, with respect to the requirement our cutting tool is had on service life can forecast gender and high stability. Manufacturer is exploring control inventory and the good plan that produce cost ceaselessly, they need solution matching a knife must can use quickly and operate easily, and can rapid from component matching a knife is obtained over there the supplier. The development that casts a technology is meant at present treatment of engine cylinder body is being centered at semifinishing machining and finish machining working procedure, is not purify a large number of material. To this kind of complex part, bore is a main measure, and weak opening cost and treatment security also are main factor. Aperture treatment passes comprehensive measure to finish, and thread machining is normally after Kong Zhi pouring wine cup, or according to dimension size, undertake boring of essence of life or bore with a reamer cut treatment to achieve ideal public errand. Shanteweikekeleman has opened the production that gave out specific solution matching a knife to satisfy this one complex part to need, include to use milling cutter of face of new generation S60 to be used at rough machining and semifinishing machining; And CoroDrill460 of broach of integral hard alloy undertakes Kong Jia is versed in (graph 1) , and have the aid of a series of existing tap, cooperate all sorts of optimizing groove, use at the Kong Jia of cast-iron material to be versed in. Graph CoroDrill460 of broach of 1 whole hard alloy besides can offer a variety of solutions matching a knife, shanteweikekeleman still is all sorts of car application, include crankshaft treatment, provide global support, established special applied center. Such, shanteweikekeleman was treatment of crucial car spare parts to offer good solution, showed it to not have at the same time but the ability of compare, while help manufacturer is controlling cost, improve manufacturing efficiency continuously. In semifinishing machining respect, the treatment of cylinder crust uses milling cutter of new-style S60 face to be opposite cast-iron undertake milling is machined. This solution provides the cutting tool life that grow and can cast, can apply tall cutting parameter, shorten thereby handling time. In face mill respect, face of cylinder body combustion is machined not easily, need uses the big diameter milling cutter that can enclothe width of whole cylinder body and around end panel, small-sized cutting tool can machine little face and protruding stage. CoroMill365 milling cutter (graph 2) , CoroMill 590 milling cutter (graph 3) apply to line of many groups of machining center with S60 face milling cutter. New knife sheet pledges and groove and the much horn bit that reachs 12 blade already appeared on the market in succession, offerred for auto industry thereby mix reliably efficient cutting tool. Respect of bore of milling cutter of 3CoroMill 590 of graph of graph 2CoroMill365 milling cutter, use CoroDrill460 broach undertakes getting cutting, add a variety of tap options, suit cast-iron aperture treatment. The good platoon bit that plays in the light of high accuracy and environment of production of little common difference, and cover all step and the treatment need that pour wine cup, shanteweike still undertook be optimizinged further to this solution. CNC Milling CNC Machining