Pi Erci: Those who open is modular the production application that drive concept brings wisdom

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Well-known, pi Erci is an automation system company that devotes oneself to safety. Come for years, the equipment that Pi Erci's component, system and service are the whole world and mechanical automation provided all-around support. Besides the service that be mixed by the product of everybody's hep safe domain, pi Erci dominates a field in safe motion, also can offer complete and powerful whole solution. From the driver that athletic controller answers to tall trends, what Pi Erci opens is modular drive concept, make an user OK and relaxed component of ground general individuation or whole system are compositive to existing systematic environment. Combination enclothed Pi Erci's product to arrive from man-machine interface the of all kinds product of servo electric machinery, include gear decelerate unit, complete drive solution can think user big political integrity restricts the time that the system develops! Core competition ability of Pi Erci depends on " safe motion " , through offerring all sorts of different solutions, help user raises machine utilization rate and achieve PL E (EN/ISO 13849-1) of highest and safe level. Athletic control system of Pi Erci offers synchronism much axis, odd axis solution or safe drive solution. The solution of magnetism of Er of skin of have the aid of, the user can found those who accord with IEC 61131-3 standard to control the complete user process with CNC function to motion from basic PLC function in a project, OK and fast and carry out a large number of complex tasks simply. Independent type of PMCprimo MC(of athletic control system) with motion control card PMCprimo C(is based on driver) can carry out high-powered applying, for example orbit interpolation. Clearer interfacial structure is OK and online offer more extensive option, simplify equipment is debugged. PMCprimo provided network of real time aether EtherCAT advocate station. PMCprimo continues to support likewise classical advocate / from communication interface, for example I/O interface. PMCprimo Master and Slave still support a lot of communication interface, be like Modbus TCP, CAN or Profibus DP-S. Enjoy the motion that applies to all sorts of application domains to control the flexibility that the system brings! CNC Milling CNC Machining