How to manage oily cutting oil to just can avoid pollute metamorphism

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How does oily cutting oily in use strengthen management to just can avoid pollute metamorphism, prolong service life? Cutting oil appears in use classics regular meeting: 1) cause lubricity, rust-preventing characteristic because of interfuse water portion to drop. 2) because interfuse leaks,oil makes active ingredient decreases and the function since cost is reduced. 3) the performance characteristics that the accumulation of pink of imperceptible cutting, iron, sludge causes cutting fluid becomes poor. 4) the copper alloy generation that uses in component of machine tool bearing and feed flow pump blackens, corrode. Producing above to pollute is what reason is brought about, how to avoid again? About the reason of fluid of moisture interfuse cutting, basically be before line working procedure is fluid of water radical cutting, water comes in by work area, or the machine tool that has used liquid of water radical cutting is changed when using liquid of oil radical cutting, fluid box and pipeline stockpile have water grade. Adhere to for eliminate the moisture in workpiece and machine tool, the antirust oil that must use a sex of displacement having water first and clean oil to undertake handling, a little lubricant additive encounters water to be able to be decomposed in special cutting fluid, produce caustic material, make machine tool and workpiece rusty, and some additive encounter water to be able to turn ropy shape into material, jam screen pack, use what affect cutting fluid normally. After cutting fluid is hydrous, its lubricity also can drop substantially, make cutting tool durability shortens. Interfuse the oil of a few water base cutting fluid, can heat evaporate, adsorption of reoccupy active white earth filters, but reuse, if cutting function drops, can complement appropriately a few extremely press additive, make recoverable original performance characteristics. It is on the management of fluid of oil radical cutting, should special be careful to leak oily interfuse. Because the hydraulic pressure oil of fluid of oil radical cutting and machine tool, lube is petrolatum together, reason cannot be judged from the exterior only whether to have leakage oily interfuse. What hydraulic pressure oil and general lube contain additive chroma to compare fluid of oil radical cutting low, if many lube interfuse arrives in fluid of oil radical cutting, the chroma of its additive can be reduced, the result makes its cutting function drops, the durability of cutting tool shortens. If the quantity of general interfuse oil surpasses quantitative mark 30% , the function of fluid of oil radical cutting can drop significantly, be about to complement at this moment additive or will oily degradation are used. Was thought to hold the property of fluid of oil radical cutting, must reduce the interfuse of leakage oil as far as possible. But the machine tool such as modular machine tool, gear-hobbing machine going up from the structure is almost in making lube flows into cutting fluid, the leakage that should prevent lubricating oil is entered it is very difficult to appear. Answer at this moment crude guess leaks every months to be measured into the leakage oil of cutting fluid, fixed complement lubricant of a few cutting, can make cutting fluid maintains good cutting performance for a long time. As a result of,the interfuse of hydraulic pressure oil is mostly sealed and undesirable be caused by, reason should check good seal unit to be able to prevent the interfuse of hydraulic pressure oil only. Cutting fluid is put in bigger question in use process is the deposit such as small fine-cut bit, cast-iron pink, sludge the deterioration that quickens cutting oil inside gasoline tank is degenerative, make oily viscosity heighten or generate jelly to wait character. It is so in cutting process, want eliminate to cut bits greatly not only, also want even subtle white to keep clear of regularly, what can reduce cutting fluid is dirty, prolong the service life of cutting fluid. In gun getting treatment, grinding treatment, metallic pink interfuse is cut (grind) cut fluid not only pump of meeting injury feed flow, and can make already machined aggravation of exterior surface roughness, must use so filter the law eliminates to cut bits. Gun borer bed asks the filter paper of use 10 U M undertakes cutting fluid filter. Additionally the gasoline tank of cutting fluid also wants enough big, make cutting fluid holds sufficient oily amount in circular process, reduce cutting fluid warm up. In addition, fixed complement new juice, the fluid amount that makes keep enough inside feed flow box is very significant also to reducing the temperature rise of cutting fluid. The temperature of cutting fluid is exorbitant, affect the treatment precision of workpiece not only, also can accelerate the deterioration of cutting fluid. The copper alloy generation that uses in the bearing component of the machine tool and feed flow pump blackens and be being corroded basically is to use contain active sulfur the cutting fluid that department pole presses additive is caused, the machine tool that contacts to having copper alloy and cutting liquid so, should choose blame active model cutting fluid. The vulcanization cutting fluid of the production in joining petrolatum with sulfureous pink directly is right of copper alloy corrode serious, convert adipose oil joins vulcanization the vulcanization cutting fluid that makes up in petrolatum, its active is spent drop apparently, basically do not arise to copper alloy corrode. CNC Milling CNC Machining