Redesign: The strategy of MuCell technology is carried out

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The craft of bubble of MuCell small Kong Fa of Trexel company is inchoate it is related car, computer or electric equipment the application of the domain, just will note model change sends bubble form for small hole, spare parts structure very few or did not change, can decrease heavy 5-8% commonly. Nowadays, in a lot of application the circumstance can decrease heavy 20-30% , because car stylist can use the technical characteristic of MuCell,will redesign a part. Early MuCell Applications Were Simple Conversions Of Injection Molded Parts With Minimal/no Changes To Part Geometry.

These Applications Typically Achieved Weight Reductions Of 5-8% .

Many Of Today ' S Applications Achieve Weight Reductions Of 20-30% , as Automotive Designers Take Advantage Of The Opportunities For Part Redesign For Functionality That The MuCell Process Allows.

Using MuCell craft to realize functional sex to design functional sex is to point to the good point that uses MuCell technology in the initial stage of design phase, undertake according to controlling a function material, structure is designed, is not simple ground is assisted fill up spare parts. Below most circumstance, press the part that the function designs, final density reduces extent to want small design translate into at spare parts of identical sincere moulding the design of epispastic spare parts, but overall alleviative weight should be gotten greatly much. Popularly, undertake designing by the function, not only weight can be reduced 20 to 30% , and periodic time can shorten amount to 30% . Case 1: Fan guides place of this product exemple uses solar or lunar halo material is fill PA 6. In traditional design, guide the standard wall of solar or lunar halo is large for 2 millimeter, there is a runner on the central hub of the spare parts only, material flows to guide through bearing an arm 4 times in main body of solar or lunar halo. Outside dividing supportive arm intensity, to dimension and intensity character, 4 strong point also are crucial position. Guide the hub of solar or lunar halo needs to higher intensity will prop up fan electric machinery, prevent to produce noise in moving process. The major construction of the spare parts does not have real function, it is to fill up appropriately only spare parts. When using MuCell craft to redesign, need has the spare parts area of high mechanical intensity, the wall that joins dot, hub still withholds 2 millimeter with the material that prop up namely is large, but the part is other partial wall is large decrease for 1 millimeter. In Bao Bi the share increased runner to promote the fill of these area, fill up end after, larger area passes those who exceed critical nitrogen system to expand fill solid. This design reduced spare parts weight 0.

4 kilograms, can save 160 tons of stuff every year. Can save 320 thousand euro every year. Case 2: Plaque of door of Touran of door plaque masses is to use MuCell craft to change hardware design, drop the 2nd case of product cost considerably. This component is the PP French chalk fill notes model to be in the back after of PVC fabrics, make the product has the appearance that takes grain thereby. Design this product to have two crucial demands. The first is impulse withstand requirement. This component is in produce percussive situation next wanting that can draw energy, pass the reverse side a group 2.

The costal region of 2 millimeter realizes this requirement. The 2nd crucial requirement is cannot appear on PVC fabrics shrink mark. By can contract at PP of French chalk fill, and need 2.

The costal region of 2 millimeter will draw energy, the sincere standard wall of this component is so large should design 4.

4 millimeter. Outside be being restricted except these designs, still need to receive solder of the 2nd module the back of this component. Produce the main reason of this component with MuCell craft, it is to should be used exceed critical nitrogen vesicant to eliminate costal region and wall to hand in collect the shrink mark of place, can reduce standard wall thereby thick, the energy that makes the component can obtain sincere part again at the same time draws a demand. The design standard wall of component of bubble of small Kong Fa is large for 2.

2 millimeter, costal region ply is 2.

4 millimeter. Slight the ply that increases costal region can compensate an arm to attenuate the influence of generation, achieve refuse concussion demand. Additional, OK still leave out the 2nd module. Trade this product machine after with MuCell craft, gross weight was reduced 40% , among them 20% it is to adopt a design, 6% be through reducing density, 14% because,be leave out the 2nd module. Additional, return leave out the unit operation of cargo handling that increases the 2nd module. Design of make free with stabilizes dimension case 1: Component of ink jet printer is right ink jet printer, in-house component, if frame is mixed,the orgnaization that offer paper must be designed can make paper moves accurately, thereby OK and even, stable employ printing ink. To realize the function of printer, the requirement has wonderful physical performance and excellent dimension stability. Have a printer manufacturer that cannot publish a name, its are epispastic the warp that the component produces and sincere component photograph are compared reduced 50% above, increased dimension stability at the same time, physical function uninfluenced. Periodic time shortened 27% , component weight was reduced 8.

5% . Nextpage case 2: Group of peak of spring of China of dynamoelectric tool motherboard (Chervon Group) development, make dynamoelectric tool, sell past whole world. To reduce cost, fontal peak studied its are dynamoelectric the replacement scheme of tool casting aluminous motherboard. Motherboard general main body and oriented board join is together. Apparent and plastic it is one of optional material, but the warp that reduces a part is a crucial question, because motherboard must maintain level, can make dynamoelectric tool works normally thereby. Additional, motherboard is crucial exterior component, so plastic should have exceedingly good surface outward appearance. Motherboard warp demand is little at 0.

34 millimeter, but the warp of sincere moulding sample is spent for 1 millimeter, and the value of actual measurement warp of a side is amounted to 1.

10 millimeter. Fontal peak decides to use MuCell craft to undertake moulding experiments, examine process, and be able to bear or endure the improvement of warp degree. The nylon of fibre glass fill that the product uses Rhodia firm 66 epispastic make, compare with photograph of sincere moulding product, warp is spent reduce 70% , achieve function of all and mechanical sex to ask at the same time, exterior exterior is admirable. The engineers of fontal peak analyse MuCell sample, discover average warp only 0.

30 millimeter, complete place asks at assembly technique in. The measured value of 4 side is worth less than in technical index demarcate. In experiment process, fontal peak still came true to be reduced than weight with sincere product photograph 8% , periodic time shortens 18% . Beautification, decrease heavy design: Structure of dial of appearance of VW Golf 7 uses small hole to send bubble craft to produce the appearance dial plate of new-style VW Golf 7, the engineers of people corporation reduced weight successfully 500 grams. Head of people firm polymer department Dr. Roger Hillert says so: "The exterior, small amount and cost are the biggest challenge that current car cab faces. Use MuCell technology, we can save stuff, use inferior treatment temperature, shortened at the same time shape periodic time. The internal stress in finished product is lesser, increased dimension stability consequently. " heft of construction of dial of appearance of VW Golf 7 is reduced be close to 1 pound to have great sense, because plastic application is to reduce weight, the provides challenge sex extremely field that intensity, wear or functional sex do not sacrifice again in the meantime. VW Golf 7 is the 2nd car that introduces dial plate of MuCell craft appearance, another car is the Ford Escape/Kuga IP that begins a quantity to produce recently. Steve Braig of Trexel presiding apparitor says: "The appearance dial of before Golf one model weighs 3 kilograms, the weight of appearance dial of new-style Golf 7 reduces 500 grams is only germinant, the advantage after that craft of sufficient understanding MuCell is decreasing the engineers that need public company to weight is measured and design freedom to spend a respect can reduce weight considerably further. Additional, our user said to use inferior treatment temperature mostly, consequently general but will shape periodic time shortens amount to 20% . " implementation decreases the design that reachs environmental protection again: If large-scale application Wu Yi is planted,the car studies model, use MuCell technology reducing weight and import of environmental protection respect great. Change the environmental protection dominant position that brings for car manufacturer for the quantity, the engineers of Trexel evaluated what occupy 194 pounds car to weigh about to close in all 70 kinds of components, the experience that uses MuCell technology according to its every component before result list. after, trexel gives out first phase (replace directly, use MuCell technology among them) and 2 period (use MuCell craft advantage to redesign, reduce weight further) component weight reduces a cost. after, simply Sustain LLC of company of Trexel employ environment uses lifecycle evaluation technique to analyse the MuCell craft effect to the environment. Above all, if car manufacturer just uses MuCell technology, and did not undertake designing afresh to the component, can realize bicycle to reduce weight 15.

7 pounds. To at 100 thousand motorcade character, the benzine of about 2.8 million gallon can be saved inside 150 thousand miles length of life, little discharge 29, 155 tons of CO2. Use Trexel 2 period when plan, bicycle reduces weight 35.

4 pounds, to at 100 thousand motorcade character, by Wu Chong the quantity is reduced considerably, the about many benzine at 6.3 million gallon can be saved inside 150 thousand miles length of life, little discharge 64, 971 tons of CO2. Below this kind of circumstance, have same production ceaselessly, be replaced by new model till the car that distributes stock MuCell part, use and make amalgamative calculation, can reduce CO2 discharge capacity every year 68, 663 tons. Drive Trexel of progress of the modern technology that note model to announce recently, will take action develop new market field, plan to enlarge product range, bring new craft solution for plastic mart. Mr Braig says: "MuCell craft already entered the mainstream. We gain huge success in car market, two OEM, namely the design process that Ford and masses already brought into MuCell craft them now. The first fundamental application is new-style appearance dial, more product application still are in development. We and Vaupell company signed an agreement, vaupell will help us enter space navigation industry. In industry of important electric equipment, we had introduced MuCell technology a few new fields in Europe, this is we enter this market field truly first. 2012 end, we still plan those who roll out us to become tepid / Leng Cheng technology. " Mr Braig complement says, become tepid / cold moulding technology can make the product has exceedingly good surface outward appearance, muCell technology and become tepid / the besmear Fu working procedure that union of photograph of cooling moulding technology can make make the lacquer on much product leave out or transparent coating, reduce cost considerably. The MuCell small opening that has farther patulous Trexel sends bubble technology. "We have a few to turn combination of this kind of new technology the great opportunity to all sorts of terminal markets. The component of class A interior trim from inside the car arrives indoor the exterior housing that reachs a lot of other products with the electric equipment outdoor, electric equipment, the design of the MuCell technology that Trexel can offer user place to anticipate is spent freely and weight reduces a dominant position, use at the same time become tepid / cold moulding technology makes the product has exceedingly good outward appearance. " Mr Braig says frankly: "The industry that note model is intimate 2, more or less to weigh revolution 30 years, main treatment facilities and technology are work up mostly. MuCell craft is infuse of the industry that note model really vigor. My individual is to the view of Trexel, trexel should produce business to provide the better means of the spare parts that note model for moulding goods. We are to offer a technology to reduce trade cost to the contribution of this industry, and it is OK to use these technologies design, make use a tradition to shape the product that the technology cannot realize. And it is OK to use these technologies design, make use a tradition to shape the product that the technology cannot realize.. CNC Milling CNC Machining