QUAKERCOOL 588 is high-powered synthesize ester pole to press cutting fluid

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Product category: Cutting fluid supplier: Kui overcomes chemistry (China) limited company issue date: April 2010 item characteristics: The burden cutting grinding that QUAKERCOOL 588 is gender, lubricity, cooling to cleanness sex and antirust function to have higher demand machines a circumstance and develop, can be iron radical or be not makings of iron base material to provide exceedingly good cutting and grinding treatment performance. Innovation character: Increase model lubricant recipe provides distinctive lubricant performance, improve cutting tool service life greatly. Patent synthesizes fat technology, do not contain antiseptic, safe environmental protection. Suitable scope: QUAKERCOOL 588 can be used at condition of of all kinds treatment, machine a circumstance slashingly even. Broaching, gun getting, treatment rolling mill; Mapal reamer, attack treatment of whorl, turbine; Cylinder body treatment, crock covers treatment, deep aperture treatment. CNC Milling CNC Machining