Should phenomenon of occurrence amlposition of numerical control revolving stage manage like where?

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Dispatch of net of machine tool of Chinese numerical control: Numerical control revolving stage is one kind can circle lead to hang down at the same time the mechanical workbench that axis and horizontal axis rotate, abbreviation PT revolving stage. PT revolving stage can blast off as radar, artillery, missile on one hand frame, the fundamental campaign platform of the for military use such as all sorts of supervisory and control arrangement and civil equipment, it is the core component of system of whole Electromechanical control; The emulation that can regard the high-tech such as development rocket, missile, torpedo and satellite as most advanced weapon again on the other hand and experiment platform. Well-known, numerical control revolving stage is the industrial application equipment with a kind of new-style high-tech, it is industry pilot of whole Electromechanical system is important in production component. So when occurrence amlposition of numerical control revolving stage, how should we do? When occurrence amlposition of numerical control revolving stage, want to put out power source above all, loosen next on turn the 6 horn screw that chain secures on the tower, reoccupy hand moves a fluctuation to turn the tower is right neat, turn fluctuation the position that the tower turns to aim plug. The gas a powerful person that plug inserts a correspondence at the back of handgrip machine is used after switching on the mobile phone press, make plug is inserted, affirmatory fluctuation turns the tower is right do not have together by accident hind, the 6 horn screw that chain secures on the tower turns to be able to begin to clear on locking. When the phenomenon that amlposition appeared when we are using numerical control revolving stage, we can be handled according to afore-mentioned method, if you are insoluble, had better be to ask technical personnel to come round to repair. CNC Milling CNC Machining