Sculpture roller type makes the progress of mark technology

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Smith&Wesson company uses sculpture roller to hit mark mould to replace what make by EDM craft to lay mark pattern, aim to improve the service life of punch model, ensure print the number on the weapon solid, clear. The moulage that use steel gives a package or the spare parts makes number is actually one kind forgings craft. Material is gone to by move all around perhaps squash. When labelling to make sure moulage is printing clarity durable, effective, it must enough and hard, must have sharp edge, and the appearance that must keep flowing all round the brim of integral float protruding in character. The presiding apparitor Tom Phipps of company of Columbia Marking Tools says: The sculpture moulage life that when making bid, uses is 2 times of the moulage that makes by EDM craft normally, can use below certain circumstance. Phipps says EDM craft is involved extremely the local heating of high temperature, this changed the metallurgy character of moulage character surface, make the second surface of moulage is changed 0.

005 inches (0.

13 Mm) in. Because EDM craft undertakes after heat treatment normally, can make the service life of the mould shortens so 4 times. "Perhaps use a future life of the planar milling machine that carve a pattern to produce moulage through carving, involve technology of high speed milling not just (we apply this technology to realize sharp and flowing cutting blade) , still involve treatment skill and knowledge, " Phipps says. Employed for this company 3 in engraver of 7 big famous moulage. Dog the 6 times size that the glyph that type plane engraves modular milling machine to use is final finished product, this reduced mistake happening greatly. Phipps says its company has a regular maintenance and face-lifting plan, make these accurate machine tools maintain their highest precision. Every course carves quarter model milling cutter 6 times be about to grind profit, carve every time all involve the process such as rough machining, semifinishing machining and accurate grinding. After the planar milling machine that carve a pattern is machined, character passes abrade, polish and inspection even. Have two kinds of different sculpture moulage: One kind uses standard style, another kind uses special style or company badge mark. Columbia Marking Tools can be in normally 1 reach to the production inside 4 days carry standard font moulage, special design moulage can be in the 2 delivery inside week, specific depend on the convenience sex of technical feasibility and scale process. The company uses AutoCAD and Solidworks software to reduce the time that solves a problem. One of keys that Phipps says to ensure moulage to work correctly to have good wear life at the same time depend on understanding deeply to be hit the metallurgy of tender material is characteristic. These knowledge conduce to choose appropriate tool steel for moulage or high-speed steel. Once steel products is certain later, of moulage print and treatment can be handed in modular milling machine is engraved in Composite plane by the factory aspirant travel production, what need a glyph to go up to carve and be become in these machine tools. "Steeliness embossing model by accepted for the 2nd machine a mould commonly usedly greatly, we often discover some moulage used 6 months not to change, plus more the water dissolve lubricant of environmental protection and agent of drawing of patterns get more and more use, the bilge of fact of character groove internal pressure and rubiginous mark become the one big factor that affects mould service life, " Phipps says. Accordingly, research and development of company of Columbia Marking Tools ACC Auto Clean of a kind of patent coating, it has lubricity, can prevent bilge to come down in the deposit inside each moulage character, still restrain moulage to rust on inventory goods shelves. What the company says this coating is pair of black oxidation coating and chromic film is improved, did not raise the cost of its moulage. About company of Columbia Marking Tools of company of Columbia Marking Tools is designed and be being made the metal is mixed the plastic device that make bid, include moulage, roller type to hit type of mark model, roller to hit sign chance and punch to hit pulse of sign chance, complete programmable laser of fiber-optic type diode, knock / underline the machine that make bid and UID/2D phalanx the dot imprints head of number of machine, sculpture and special make bid. CNC Milling CNC Machining