The research development of detached bare mud and technology use filter press

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The APN that Spanish TH company produces filter press and its system are one of the most advanced now filter-press equipment, in our country the industry that pick coal got applied extensively, the ceaseless development as the technology and perfect, APN filter press also gets applied in depart of mud of coloured industry bare. The quiet pressure that this filter press has high intensity of pressure filters dehydrate of dehydration, pressure of strong air current, mechanical pressure dehydrate originallies 3 kinds the method with detached fluid, make filter cake moisture falls lowest. Inc. of Shandong aluminous course of study the 2nd alumina the inspissation that the factory has bare cover or daub with plaster at introducing Spanish filter press in October 2001 filters, those who pass pair of equipment, spare parts, data is homebred change research to transform reach a trial, the improvement of technological process, make filter press produces distinct effect in alumina industry. Inc. of Shandong aluminous course of study the factory uses the 2nd alumina to manufacture technology distinctly, use an entrance 3 water aluminous stone bauxite uses the law that do obeisance to Er to produce craft to produce product alumina. Separate process uses bare sludge fold take the facility such as filter, 100m2 filter, to develop new technology, introduce new facility, improve the technical condition of existing craft, introduced filter press of type of APN-18S3 board casing, apply its in bare mud depart, because be a kind of new facility, and the experience that can not draw lessons from again in alumina industry, running the problem that a lot of expect appeared to be less than in the process so. Those who pass pair of equipment, spare parts, data is homebred change research to transform reach a trial, technological process is improved, make Spanish filter press all amounts to mark in each index produce. Created economic benefits while, fill the application of filter press of board casing type is blank. Current, produce when filter press stage can achieve mud of 10T/H Gan Chi, not only can assure the 2nd alumina the fluid quantity that the factory produces per year 200 thousand tons of alumina is passed, and oxidize aluminium alkaline bad news, clean dissolve gives the main technique index such as rate to get optimizing, economic benefits is remarkable. CNC Milling CNC Machining