The MS coating technology of surface of pottery and porcelain, metal

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Since the manufacturing technology in aviation engine begins to apply from the reaction engine, people improves the performance of engine in ceaseless effort all the time. What be a characteristic with raising reaction engine thrust, specific fuel consumption to compare is high-powered reach environmental suitability requirement, a year taller than a year. To satisfy (suit) these high-powered requirements, to engine itself light quantify, the high temperature of turbine engine changes the high pressure that reachs compressor etc raised taller requirement, also need to have great progress on manufacturing technology. Manufacturing technology decided competition ability, exterior modified technology is the key in competition ability. (1) exterior modified (functional film is formed) the technology is changed to get used to high temperature, in modified of new material development, surface (functional film is formed) technical development, cooling structure is designed and got developing on manufacturing technology development. In spaceflight aviation domain, the functional film on the metallic component such as the reaction engine forms a technology to have CVD, PVD, eletroplate, spray, v, the defect of these technologies is installation cost big, strong to the dependence of skill, and some craft need to increase clean, the aftertreatment working procedure such as the pretreatment working procedure such as film of the attack by surprise that make and film of eliminate attack by surprise, attrib border processing, some still can produce heat to be out of shape, velar body flakes wait for a problem, unwell produce at automation line. (2) IHI of technology of figuration of new function film and electric machinery of 3 water chestnut developed a kind can compositive in machining product line, but preparation the new-style figuration technology of all sorts of function film, reach a tool to machine the surface to have the new technology of coating to the mould on the foundation of discharge coating technology namely. Use this new coat technology, the mixture layer of cermet film, thick metallic v layer and cermet and metal can be formed. Because used discharge energy, the coating is MS that friend says (small arc coating) . On this technology base, developed the functional film that applies to all sorts of component or v layer then. Technology of coating of MS of MS coating technology is to use the electrode that contains the part such as metal or pottery and porcelain to undertake discharge finishing, form the technology of film of high quality function with wear, superior wearability. Because do not need to operate personnel and around adroitly to handle process, agree with automation product line; Evaporate costlily because of needing again the equipment such as furnace, simplified to produce a project, charge is reduced greatly. (1) the principle of MS coating will by coating material powder the electrode of make it and tension is increased in be being put into insulating oil by processing material, right now, electrode and be handled pulse begins to discharge between material (every second is made an appointment with 10 thousand times) , electrode material gradually to matrix migratory, joint of material dissolve be in harmony, form coating of thin pottery and porcelain or thick metallic v layer. Through choosing different electrode and treatment condition, the coating that can form hole of compact and smooth or scanty ungird is organized. (2) the main method of the coating of surface of metal of main good point of MS coating has v, spray, eletroplate etc, MS coating and these methodological photographs finish a good point than be like (see a table 1) . The comparison that expresses 1 MS coating and other technology is characteristic: MS coating - eletroplate - v - spray is compositive at product line: Easy - difficult - difficult - difficult charge: Small - big - in - processing of foreword of old from beginning to end: Need scarcely - film of attack by surprise protects - need precision work - film of attack by surprise protects quality: Stable - can flake - generation crackle - can flake be out of shape: Not - not - big - have coating capable person qualitative: Pottery and porcelain, metal - metal - metal - pottery and porcelain, ferrule condition: ○ - △ - △ - △ ① matrix is out of shape dinky, the heat that the part solders when soldering without crackle bilges cold shrink very big, extremely easy generation is out of shape reach break. The imperceptible pulse that of the generation when MS coating is minim class discharges, because be in its are local undertake joint of dissolve be in harmony repeatedly, the systole of matrix is restricted, because this is out of shape very small, without crackle. ② coating film won't come off use spray, eletroplate the metal when waiting for a method adheres to only the surface in matrix, have the possibility that come off, and MS coating is joint of dissolve be in harmony, won't arise come off. ③ is asking to be machined locally, because MS coating is in electrode and matrix discharge place to make coating only,not require pre-treatment process, accordingly unlike spray, eletroplate wait for craft to require the pre-treatment process such as protection of film of attack by surprise. ④ does not rely on skill to be able to ensure the dissolve of reliable quality tradition accepts school assignment, to assure quality, need handiwork of skilled skilled worker to work, and use MS coating device, do not rely on skilled skilled worker, can ensure of quality reliable. ⑤ establishs miniature product line to become a possibility spray, eletroplate wait for equipment dimensions great gift to form product line, and scope of MS coating equipment is little, product line of can convenient composition. Applied example and technology of coating of applicable circumstance MS apply some mediumly to having a test in the reaction engine, some already the test and verify that aboard had operating condition. (1) the v on the attrition side that low pressure of example of high temperature wear-resisting shows translation lamina flange the cobaltic alloy that contains chromium. Use welder art when, have purify of the foreword after a large number of surplus need handiwork. And the ply dimension that MS coating can pile up to ask into place, do not need rework. Use a tradition to solder by this accumulation layer of law and MS coating law wear away the state can see quite, arrive from microtherm high temperature, MS coating did not wear away how oldly. Experiment condition: Exterior intensity of pressure: 7MPa; Amplitude: 1mm; Attrition frequency: 1 million. The part that uses coating of TiC of Fu of MS technology besmear is compared not of coating same the wearability of kind of spare parts wants admirable much. (2) ① of wear-resisting caustic example moves blade flange to low-pressure turbine 0.

The Fu of besmear of sealed end ministry with thick 7mm cermet. coating with dormant a beehive is sealed partial attrition, beehive sealed office already appeared when certain level wears away, coating did not wear away, when having coating, have wear away, the move of metallic stuff was formed on beehive. ② compressor moves blade to carry Fu of the besmear on ministry inside curved surface the cermet with 15 μ thick M, empty hermetic seal is used sealed thick 0.

Fu of 3mm top besmear cermet. When having attrition, the sealed part that is dormant spare parts only is worn away, oneself did not wear away. After as a result of blade upright ministry wears away, engine function drops, need to undertake regular examination and v are repaired, after using MS coating, reduced the frequency of v rehabilitate greatly. (3) the v carrying a department that v repairs the compressor that example ① makes with nickel alloy to use blade 0.

The cobaltic alloy of 4mm. Blade leading edge and tailing edge ply are only 0.

2mm, but OK however v 0.

The cobaltic alloy with thick 4mm. ② is in v of one-way and caky front of lamina of motor-driven of turbine of nickel alloy material 0.

The cobaltic alloy of 4mm. Undertaking soldering on one-way and caky material is very difficult, must not solder crackle, and the concavity that needs to assure front ministry, using small arc v is feasible technology program. The low-pressure turbine machine of ③ nickel alloy is dormant the groove flank v of blade position 0.

The cobaltic alloy of 4mm. Even if narrow groove, want electrode to be able to be close to only, can have small arc v and coat. ④ uses small electrode to be able to undertake even metallic v to circumgyrate workpiece on the circle outside nickel alloy workpiece. The work that can complete to allowing metabolic to already was machined conveniently undertakes repairing. (4) coating example of the axis uses small electrode, workpiece circumgyrate, can be in of nickel alloy outside besmear equably on the circle Fu cermet. Hardness of surface of the workpiece after besmear Fu can amount to HV2000, wearability is able to rise, and metallographic organization structure did not produce a change. IHI company is popularizing MS technology energetically in reaction engine domain, it is special the jet that caustic of the wear-resisting when applying to high temperature resistant, high pressure and high speed circumgyrate asks starts component. The MS coating technology of electric machinery of 3 water chestnut and IHI company joint development, in introducing Euramerican technology to take the spaceflight aviation field of dominant position, make Japan had the coating technology of own intellectual property. Next, company plan will expand to the domain such as car, dynamo. The development of MS coating technology, make reach a sale to be assumed by electric machinery of 3 water chestnut. CNC Milling CNC Machining