Ma He knife of water of 4 dynamic XD

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Supplier: Water of Fu Luchao high pressure fluidics (Shanghai) limited company item characteristics: System of cut of knife of dynamic XD water provides the technology of dynamic water knife with blessing newest salary, can implement bevel edge and 3D cut. Technology of Fulu's revolutionary Dynamic Waterjet XD but cut is the biggest 60 ° bevel, the precision that can achieve top level, speed reachs flexibility. The dynamic water knife that contains effect public errand to control science and technology compares traditional water knife with rapidder rate, production gives nicer work. Innovation character: Knife of dynamic XD water is the whole world can have 3D cut exclusively already, can go down to divide the water knife of cut bevel edge and water arrow lag in perpendicular cut again. The 600 MPa of configuration extremely pump of high-pressured water efflux is the pump system of highest pressure on eye preexistence bound. Compare with traditional 410 MPa photograph, pressure heighten 57% , cut rate will increase 20%~30% . Can improve productivity greatly, reduce workpiece cost. Suitable scope: All sorts of material cut below all sorts of ply, include all sorts of metals, composite material and housing materials to wait. Be applied extensively at traffic of aerospace, car, orbit and equipment to make wait for an industry. CNC Milling CNC Machining