China in HNC of CNC Milling, machining center

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Product full name: Subclass of detailed of device of HNC-180pM3 numerical control fastens: Device of numerical control of milling machine, machining center China in device of HNC-180xp/M3 numerical control uses advanced open formula architecture, inside buy is embedded industrial PC, high-powered 32 central processor, liquid crystal of configuration 7" color shows screen and face plate of project of standard machine tool, interface of compositive feed axis, main shaft interface, hold unit port, inside interface of the PLC that set pattern at an organic whole, USB program is read take a function, basically apply to CNC Milling control. Have high-powered, structure compact, use easily, dependability the characteristic with tall, low price. Number of axle of the biggest linkage is 3 axes. Optional the pulse instruction pattern that matchs all sorts of types driving unit. Outside dividing Control Panel of standard machine tool, configure 32 switch to measure input and 24 switch quantity to output interface, hold control of unit interface, main shaft and coder port. Use liquid crystal display of 7// LCD color, , breakdown is diagnosed with call the police, treatment contrail graph shows and emulate, the operation is handy, master easily and use. Use process designing of code of international standard G, system of as automatic as all sorts of popular CAD/CAM process designing is compatible, have linear interpolation, circular arc interpolation, corkscrewed yarn interpolation, fixed circulation, rotate, shrink put, the function such as compensation of mirror, cutting tool, grand program. Small line segment machines a function continuously, special agree with the treatment of mixed pattern spare parts that CAD/CAM designs. Treatment breakpoint is saved / restore a function, convenient user is used. Backlash and odd, two-way pitch error compensate a function. Inside interface of buy RS232 communication, realize news report of machine tool data easily. Support USB dish, access a program convenient and quick. Support choice of aether net function, transmit program and data quickly. 400KB user part program cuts off the power memery block (can use CF to block extension) , 32MB RAM machines memory buffer. CNC Milling CNC Machining