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Because most machinist ignores the principle that the clip that solve a knife balances, they cost needless time and capital to try to achieve higher balance level normally. All sorts of knives that apply circumstance place need place balance level to should suffer an operation to ask to control. When low speed moves can when susceptive knife places unbalance quantity to want to move than high speed tall much. To the optimal balance of some specific application circumstance, need understands the following aspects: The influence of ◆ unbalance and when this kind of effect is very main; When should ◆ use optimal control strategy; The knife clip configuration with different ◆ rises as speed its function how. Company of system of instruction cutting tool (Command Tooling Systems) (Www.


The project of Com) is in charge of Dennis King to say: "Be amended with requisite quality through measuring after production is finished and knife clip is balanced. The knife clip that can balance should have good balance (purify material) in order to make its achieve good balance performance. Next, should use can balance a feature to amend beforehand the variable of buy process -- if if they are right the operation is very main. " the knife is placed or main shaft has two levels evenly, namely ISO 1940 and ANSI S2.

19, among them every standard controls the balance fractionize to found for 3 kinds by a committee: ◆ vibration controls ◆ force to control productivity of ◆ spare parts to be in these 3 methods, oscillatory control most often use. Balance politic manufacturer people count with G normally (the unit is millimeter / second, mm/sec) will define unbalance to spend. The oscillatory kind that other description produces in the spare parts with rotation of certain rotate speed has acceleration, speed and peak - peak displacement. ANSI S2.

19 standards make the same score face and double planar balance to reach to sheet use vibratory drilling method to be in (call G several standards normally) when how to calculate acceptable unbalance amount introduces very in detail. G number is limit of oscillatory threshold value. G1.

0 correspondence at 1.

The freedom of 0 Mm/s vibration is rotational. Because grinding of tall public errand operates the work that involves stability and main shaft, g1.

0 set in the light of grinding main shaft normally. HSK E and F knife clip are symmetrical, accordingly, from what balance namely at the beginning. Grinding is involved normally by tens of thousands second workpiece interact and of generation constant force (the except when interrupting) , this kind of interact makes operation force very even. What the load that machine treatment handles operates than grinding normally is tall, and machine the frequency that the operation has him and amplitude every time. What the vibration that tooth concussion forms wants to compare the generation in grinding is tall much, and these swing limit the effectiveness of very finite balance. The PE of company of system of instruction cutting tool, william Keefe explanation says: "Jumpy change can affect vibration, connect regular meeting to eliminate the gain that comes from a balance. Machine treatment allows taller vibration than grinding, the reason is machine treatment public errand is compared commonly big, and overall operation won't be benefited from stricter balance public errand. Because of these reasons, machine tool main shaft and machine tool spare parts use G2 normally.

5 reach G6.

The oscillatory class of 3 sets. " G number is appointed normally a total package. Component of machine tool main shaft is likely G6 is had in the operation.

The overall design of 3 balances level, and main shaft and knife clip balance G2 possibly however.

5 class. In addition, the weight of main shaft and cylindrical construction makes it can balance G2 very easily.

5, G1.

0 even G0.

4 class. Basically rotate of main shaft to quality can be between the center or try to balance conveniently through the center, form very high resolution to reach repeat precision. Of a component all and main child the component has identical oscillatory level demand. Because the fixed position face of knife clip is a cone, because this knife places a balance,compare difficulty. The weight that the knife places is measured, along with cone / balancing machine compose, make in main shaft rotate speed higher case falls to place the knife the balance to G 1.

0, G2.

5 or G6.

3 very difficult. Below good case, exterior surface roughness is by feed speed, cut what reach main shaft rotate speed greatly to decide. But, exterior surface roughness still suffers background vibration to affect. The vibration that comes from good cut should be main shaft rotate speed (Rpm) multiple. The force of generation or its multiple fall in main shaft frequency, include the power of the generation when ream of unbalance force and every tooth cuts bits. Unbalance force may resemble in the action in package additional and jumpy. Dictate company of cutting tool system estimates, beat because of what the cutting tool with good balance increases or dynamic and jumpy for 25 μ inch ~50 μ inch (0.

M~1 of 64 μ .

M) of 3 μ . Place to the knife of G12 in the balance with 15, when the rotate speed of 000r/min is rotational, this additional jumpy likelihood is as high as 0.

00016 inches (4.

M) of 1 μ . A series of cutting tests that have in a large manufactory discover, come evenly G2.

The 5 knives with G12 place the exterior surface roughness that machines generation to do not have apparent difference. But, this just experiments, if generalize a run-of-mill conclusion from these results, cause misdirect possibly so. Should cut bits negative charge very hour, ascendant G class its effect may be apparent. Oscillatory class law is the method with highest sex of the tie when inspecting a balance. Normally, because lack understanding, perhaps be carried out because of thinking compensation is done not have or balance this kind of desire with what incorrect means carries out, can appoint the needless balance class that has tie sex. Power control, another kind handles the method of the balance, ask understanding machines force and counterbalance, run overall level in case main shaft attaint. Rise as rotate speed, become more important evenly, because the force of because of unbalance generation is the function of speed square. In a lot of low speed application, do not need to undertake the balance of any types is operated. When main shaft rotate speed is inferior, the balance is not principal, the force that because balance,causes is very small. But, below high speed, vibratory drilling method is not practical, because power equation produces low-down,allow odd unbalance to measure. Although vibratory drilling method plays the significance of may exaggerated balance in certain circumstance, but force controls a standard however oversight a such facts, that is, although unbalance force is potential,won't damage machine tool, but the spare parts that treatment comes out may unqualified. Although specific unbalance won't produce the power that gives to get enough attaint main shaft high possibly, but if cutting tool is more than blade of a cutting, so the function of unbalance force vector can destroy workpiece surface surface roughness like beat. Because unbalance force rotates as cutting tool,this is, and be met from beginning to end point to same position at main shaft face relatively. Although very slight unbalance, if it rotates enough fast, form 100 pounds possibly also (445 N) unbalance force, so big force enough draws line of main shaft center a circle, this round radius is equal to constant of main shaft flexibility to take the power with because of unbalance generation. Line of center of this kind of main shaft beats is caused. King says: "Vibratory drilling method is more conservative, assure to be able to solve balance problem. But, below certain circumstance, hold to this kind of method can wasteful or actually impossible. Below these circumstances, should undertake evaluating to the force of generation, if enough low, can pass a machine tool to manufacturer and knife place the hand of the supplier and start an attempt process so, whether can produce close public errand in order to decide. Place when the knife with tower above 30, when the speed of 000 R/min is rotational, cannot achieve G2.

5. Because the knife places the account of the orgnaization that involves in capture and fixed position, any moment try to come true to be measured under the unbalance of 1 G-mm is a kind of waste. " petiole of certain knife clip and upright ministry looks from balance respect want excel other product. In the article, consider knife clip strictly from balance respect. The issue that knife clip should consider evenly uses which kinds of knife to place in the consideration / when cutting tool interface, precision and capture strength are the most fundamental. In a lot of operations, can have multiple choice, at that time, balancing a likelihood is a critical factor. Although chafe,Mohs of sexual interface such as or Jacobs taper are symmetrical, but cannot use below high speed, because this is taken no account of. Weldon establish clip of milling cutter knife to be able to try to balance, but they normally because jumpy and performance is bad, and move bolt and have the weaker 90 ° on the structure because of stopping construct. These two problems restricted the property that establishs clip of milling cutter knife, although it can have a balance well, and if use consistency,compare good cutting tool, they can realize very good balance repeatability. ANSI or CT knife handle is had did not amend a balance the most greatly. They are contained slant buy drive key will realize the synchronism between cutting blade, to placing the knife of 40 taper, slant buy drive key may cause 90 G-mm, and place to the knife of 50 taper, cause the unbalance of 400 G-mm possibly. Because of constant the graph that the force that unbalance quantity creates rises along with rotate speed in addition, these knife handle still have not to take oriented maintenance knob, the unbalance of 5 G-mm ~ 25 G-mm is brought about possibly in any direction. Performance of standard of other knife clip is better, and can realize taller balance repeatability to maintaining knob to undertake directing. DIN69871 standard and standard of MAS 403 (BT) all are similar to CT, but knob contains oriented sex metric whorl. The optimal design that balances a respect is clip of BT flange knife, they are not taken slant buy drive key, and the structure is completely symmetrical. Do not have in E and edition of high speed of clip of F HSK knife asymmetrical structure, accordingly they are in perfect balance position first and last. But, because clamping apparatus of A HSK knife has,be very difficult inside two plane the amendatory is inherent unbalance sex, from the balance the respect looks, they are poorer than ANSI knife clip. Clip of knife of sleeve milling cutter can try to balance after assemble, but because direct,meet normally piece on the common difference that allow and cause an error. In addition, asymmetry of certain cutting tool. Do not be equal to be measured at even number symmetrically. It is OK to have 3 cutting tools with 5 teeth symmetrical, and cutting tool of a 4 tine is not particular however evenly. Most but dislocation cutting tool has top rated rotate speed, although cutting tool can be aimed at higher rate to balance, but the rate that must not set in order to exceed tool manufacturer however moves. Milling cutter collet is used in high speed and high power treatment normally. Although they have exceedingly good precision and capture strength, but their balance repeatability is very poor however. If athletic element is more, balance repeatability is normally lower -- although the circumstance is not such from beginning to end. Repeatability of hydraulic pressure collet and precision are very OK tall. Because rotate speed of machine tool main shaft is higher and higher, male gram company intensified balancing a regulation on all knife clip. Previously, the knife of accurate balance places its standard grade to be G6.

3, the grade of machine tool main shaft is G2.

5. If make, the standard with these high speed new systems places G2 for the knife.

5, g1 of machine tool main shaft.

0. Dynamic seal unit, such as piston, produce small leak from beginning to end. Use enough long hind, this kind of leak can limit function greatly. Hydraulic pressure collet still has thin the thin stretch film that limits effectiveness of milling of its high speed. Getting in cutting an operation (undertake with low speed normally) , hydraulic pressure collet is considered as a good application from beginning to end. Clip of pinchcock head knife is offerred to high speed treatment enough high capture power. But, in high power treatment, this zygote may produce slippage -- it is especially when low speed, because of force the power that produces in treatment of prep above high speed normally. DR bedspring collet has very accurate pitch, contain structure of a shape of 60 degrees of V, when rate rises, can become loose in order to prevent. Experience makes clear, the diameter that carry a department is smaller, it is OK that the knife places traversal speed taller. Put oneself in another's position of pinchcock head union and bedspring collet are symmetrical, have first-rate balance, the function when and carry together going is first-rate. The draw-out device that the contact that is used at draw-out bedspring collet needs to have course balance or semmetry. Be filled with too cooperate knife clip not to bring mobile element, and be unit of best high speed link. Their monomer designs faultlessly fixed position cutting tool, and be symmetrical. The centrifugal force of the generation when 50000 R/min of prep above of main shaft speed is the element that in be being operated exclusively, loosens the knife places capture force. Although BT40 is filled with too,cooperate a knife to placed a likelihood to realize perfect semmetry, and be machined to high speed accordingly achieved balance status from the design, but going only besides make variational hind, it ability is OK with 15, the rate of 000 R/min moves. Clew: The user must want to be able to measure unbalance to measure, in order to ensure knife clip passed proper balance. Be filled with too cooperate a knife to place or pinchcock head needs to be in only normally leave factory advancement goes good balance. Unless main shaft rotate speed is exceeded about 30, 000 R/min, the knife clip that handles through the balance otherwise can satisfy all sorts of balance requirements adequately. Toolholders Are Balanced By Measuring Them After Production Is Complete, and Making Necessary Mass Corrections.

Balanceable Holders Should Be Hard-balanced (material Removed) To Bring Them Into Good Balance Performance.

Then, balanceable Features Should Be Used To Correct Variables From The Presetting Process, if They Are Of Significance To The Operation.

There Are Two Standards That Are Specific To Toolholder Or Spindle Balance: ISO 1940 And ANSI S2.


Each Was Created By A Committee That Broke Balance Control Into Three Categories.

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