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Use solution of compositive, only window to be able to alleviate problem of process designing bottleneck, can make the design turns to production smoothly. The company is designed in Alpha project (abbreviation AED company, the Fort Collins district that draws much city in division collect) , problem of process designing bottleneck is block up the main obstacle that this company achieves working job goal. Problem of this one bottleneck is involved, get used to the constant change of the project. Besides get date of delivery is short ask with tolerancepublic errand dimension the limitation of advanced condition, AED company is very the generation of flagrant reject. Mr Jackson says: "Days, machine tool of cut of efflux of this one special water basically is used at the treatment production of contract spare parts. After we can bring mount work on the machine tool, let its machine cutting in the late evening. " the production that AED company pursues vacuum facility, in light of the major product that makes from its, it is anyhow not be patient of any flaws exist. Bequeath is in apparently tiny nick must polishing, although be put in smaller than sending silk much leak, although be in apparently appear a finger mark that bears oil, that also is considered as a pollution that cannot allow to appear absolutely. Had solved mutual between be out of line the president that problem Mr Greg Jackson is AED company, also be a design engineer, he says, test and the process that edit G code are an irksome process, get ready when the spare parts when having go into operation, the change of the design can bring more issues. His explanation says, to high accuracy job shops, reducing treatment craft time just is to attribute periphery problem. But, through apace the change is versed in Cheng is designed, to be its better the service of core market has very high value. In the past, when once be on CAM part program,beginning the work, if design preparative alteration, operator needs to begin from the beginning, repeat undertake all process designing work. In job shops, the join between CAD program and CAM system is out of line, cheng of counterpoise go back to work also is very adverse, because be in this one process, only a few detail problem needs to amend. If operator can pass the editor of pair of existing programs, change the change of these detail hard, so be in after revamping code, AED company can compile those change the document. Solve real problem since since beginning to do business 2000, AED company is semiconductor all the time / film industry and high-tech industry domain, the research that provides concerned vacuum environment and development serve. In this one special market territory, this one job shops of this company has rich project to design professional knowledge, usually, they produce the tall accurate part of small lot, mix like vacuum room, hinge 0 model circle, the quantitative limits that the spare parts machines is 1~100 commonly. The company offers design and the whole set job that make key project, that is to say AED company offers pump and electronic control element, the design that still includes entire line joins and offer the software program of vacuum system. Next, after the job shops that reachs a clientele when vacuum room, can begin production. In the business of AED company, the job related to astrospace imitate is had quite quantitative per cent. This company also is produced use at checking motivation to advance system and missile the vacuum room of oriented system. Now, the workshop area of this company enlarged 6 times, increased workshop of Sheet Metal Fabrication among them, inside the workshop installation has a machine folding a turn that comes from LVD company and opportunity of cut of special water efflux. The worker number of this company also adds 12 people from 8 people. AED company is met from data of a few designs is received over there the client, if resemble,come from the file of SolidWorks company. This often already enough, detailed blueprint may include in these data commonly, each nut in the graph and bolt clearly is in eye. Below such circumstance, the job shops of this company uses SolidWorks software to establish CAD model. But for love or money, the blueprint of these complex products can be done at any time some revise. Use the CAM system previously, the change that causes to because establish institute of program of NC numerical control often for many times,suit, often can cause working late alleviation to produce promiscuous potential risk. Accordingly this company used SolidCAM firm (in Bin Xi law Croydon area of Ni Yazhou) software program, this is a kind of CAM system of SolidWorks software, and but rather before, hind dialog. Original, this one machine tool is used at the job outdoor (the time that about 80% is control) , and the production that only the operation time of 20% uses technically at AED company. Contrary, come from the boring milling machine of Toshiba company, major while is used at the production of company product, manufacturing time takes the vacuum room that this company produces 80% above, having 50% about use aluminous metal to make, use stainless steel of the others to make commonly. A lot of sheet covered plant, long make an appointment with 10~15ft.

, diametical dimension is equivalent to the arm length of a person about, till 6 Ft.

Long. If a few 10 Ft.

set solder together, can control bigger vacuum chamber. When making these container, the problem of first consideration is: Experiment of helium gas leak and welding line integrality detect. Sending a small still leak than the mankind even also cannot be accepted absolutely. Helium gas detects used mass spectrograph is very acute also to the leak reaction of infinitesimal. For example, this tool is OK special and reliable ground detects 10~11 is cubic centimeter / second (Cc/sec) the leakage rate of limits. That is to say leakage rate is few (the ability of total leakage rate of time achieved 1 Cc/sec 3300) . Software of SolidCAM of design adapt oneself to changing circumstances is used at milling machine of boring of this company Toshiba to reach its the process designing of small-sized machining center. AED company also is used come from CNC Software company (the Tolland area in administrative division of division of Kang Nie surname) MasterCAM software, use at the work out the program of equipment of its Sheet Metal Fabrication, these equipment include machine of cut of efflux of a special water and a LVD to lose curved chance. Business vice-president Mr James Thompson of AED company regards the compositive interface of SolidCAM company is one kind is not had truly to process designing of CNC numerical control from three-dimensional design model seam interim method. In SolidWorks software, when the geometrical figure that should be used at machining an operation to define produces a change, solidCAM software can make the user operates all treatment as synchronous as updated geometrical form. Previously, if indispensible adjustment, operator still needs to start operation CAM again. Now, the user is OK and direct undertake modulatory on the model, continue the modification that concerns with process designing after all. Mr Thompson says, after this, solidCAM software can replace NC program automatically, can undertake imitate is operated immediately thereby. In part program of a CAM, can use a variety of configuration. Every kinds of configuration can represent the independent state of a workpiece or manufacturing segment. When model happening changes, this will decrease with the mistake related SolidWorks design happen. From 20 centuries 80 time are in the applied process of AED company, milling machine of boring of this one Toshiba is producing field of vacuum room spare parts, had a crucial effect. Mr Jackson says, new additive manufacturing facilities can let AED company make disc indoors, install them vacuum next indoor. The target is the manufacturer home that diversification production still has to manage semiconductor technically additionally, it is after the problem that sees they exist, AED just realises truly, realizing diversification to produce is the path of a new management really. Another target of job shops is to reduce resource to be purchased from the outside as far as possible, in order to make sure the quality that place offers asks. The machine of cut of special water efflux that designs by Mr Craig Lally can make AED company achieves these two goals at the same time. The linear electric machinery of permanent magnet was used on this machine tool, the machine tool runs 20h about everyday. According to the view of Mr Lally, this one machine tool has nicety and the characteristic that photograph of high speed feed combines, and system of traditional water efflux cut is not to have these characteristics. CNC Milling CNC Machining