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Technology of high speed cutting already made one of development trends with the most fundamental machine tool industry, a lot of machine tool factories regard his dominant as the product high speed machining center, relevant new assembly and form a complete set of new fund machine tool emerge in endlessly. The article picks from which access money high-quality goods, clarify of this domain technology and product increasingly mature, helping the comprehensive promotion that pushing a metal to machine efficiency. The common definition that machines to high speed is: 1.

High main shaft rotate speed, divide in every commonly 8000 turn above (differ by the size of machine tool norms) ; 2.

High feed rate, divide 15 meters of above in every commonly; 3.

Rapid floating rate, divide 55 meters of above in every commonly (differ by the size of machine tool norms) ; 4.

Add high (decrease) speed, be in commonly 0.


5g above (differ by the size of machine tool norms) ; 5.

The treatment precision of micron class; 6.

Tall static, dynamic stiffness and light quantified mobile component. Really, these mirrorred high speed to machine the mainest essential factor. High speed processing technique rolls out innovation product ceaselessly in this one domain on one hand, on the other hand, the influence that positive research and development assists a technology newly to machine efficiency in order to reduce auxiliary process to high speed also becomes different manufacturer to develop one of stresses of high speed machining center. Auspicious of horse of heart of mill of new high speed of heart Ma Jiquan (DMG) the company is newest the technology of high speed cutting that rolls out seriation to get used to all sorts of work measure and treatment task and technology of mill of high speed of 5 axes linkage. The product enclothes this brand-new series to machine 200 × from little work the HSC 20 Linear of limits of journey of 200 × 280 Mm is amounted to to workpiece weight 1, the HSC 105 Linear of accurate machining center that the large work of 800 Kg machines. HSC 20 Linear: Compact model the delegate type that the machine tool of HSC 20 Linear that high speed machining center processes small-sized work is technology of cutting of De Maji high speed. This machine uses dragon door structure, swing from circumgyrate of the numerical control that take NC workbench, support treatment of 5 axes linkage. X, Y and Z axis use steep drive technology and accurate and cooling technology entirely, acceleration amounts to 2 G, all axes are used entirely measure a technology directly, active refrigeration is high-powered 42, 000 Rpm main shaft takes HSK-32 knife handle, quality of freeboard precision outline (the standard is P5) . Cover an area of an area only 2.

5 M2, x, Y and limits of Z axis journey 200 × of 200 × 280 Mm. Still provide a large number of patulous functions, expand from 3 axes 5 axes treatment and the NC circumgyrate that introduce drive of torsion electric machinery swing workbench. This equipment is assembled have change knife system automatically, mark matchs 24 knives knife library, optional match 60 knives knife library, improve treatment efficiency greatly thereby. Outside be being machined except the HSC of use cooling fluid, still can deserve to remove dust especially for this machine tool system, make HSC 20 Linear can process black lead or form of embryo of milling pottery and porcelain. The machine tool of HSC 20 Linear that processes small-sized work has high quality high speed to spend all function that treatment needs. It is good to have dynamic property, precision is tall, the structure is compact, versatility changes the characteristic with high rate by force with intelligence. HSC 55 Linear: Machining center of high speed nicety is used brand-new the high speed that designs concept development is accurate establish of machining center HSC 55 Linear of precision of dynamic function, flexibility, dimension and exterior quality brand-new standard. The dragon door structure that it uses has freeboard tigidity, hot semmetry balances a structure, mark matchs 28, main shaft of 000 Rpm high speed, all axes use direct drive technology, acceleration 2g, move quickly speed 80 M/min, machining center of HSC 55 Linear offers two version: The 3 axes structure that takes rigid workbench or take circumgyrate to place the 5 rods that use workbench machining center. Two kinds of workbench by drive of two transverse and linear electric machinery (dragon door structure) , fixed position precision is tall. Journey limits (X, y and Z axis) 3 axes type is 450 × 580 × 400, 5 axes type is 450 × 600 × 400 Mm. The circumgyrate of 5 axes type places two rods that use workbench (C axis and A axis) also introduce direct drive or drive of torsion electric machinery respectively. C axis swings or circumgyrate limits is 360 ° , a rotational limits + 10 ° come - 100 ° . Two axes rotate speed is as high as 120rpm. To ensure during treatment hefts 200kg workpiece, the machine tool has enough stability, workbench is by torque 2, the machine tool of 000Nm takes clip of system of hydraulic pressure clamp to hold oneself. In addition, the high rotate speed of the reasonable arrangement that machines an area and main shaft makes machining center of HSC 55 Linear is high speed not only the good choice that processes material of tall hard steel, also be the good choice of material of graphite of high speed treatment. Fall bits and platoon bits function are not only consideration element. All drive and slideway are installed entirely outside machining an area, utmost averts the interference to machining a process. System of numerical control of HSC 55 Linear controls system and Hai Dehan ITNC 530 for new-style DMG ERGOline Control. This controls a system besides have control precision tall, process designing is easy outside waiting for a characteristic, still representing company of heart horse auspicious in domain of 5 axes machine tool 20 old techniques precede actual strength. For example " collision is monitored " the function is OK real time trends monitors collision, because this can be used the most effectively,machine area space. "3D QuickSET " the function can be checked quickly and amend character of the motion inside treatment area, "ATC " the function of drive of pushbutton setting self-correcting with functional allowable and simple allow, shorten thereby handling time and rise and improve relevant quality. "ACC " function of automatic acceleration control makes machine tool parameter OK self-reacting workpiece weight. The workpiece with because this is OK light weight of high speed milling, weigh generous workpiece with low rate milling. The machine tool allows a hand to use input weight information, also can say automatically to weigh. HSC 75/105 Linear: The HSC 75 Linear of company of auspicious of horse of heart of machining center of high-end vertical nicety or HSC 105 Linear are the machining center of high-end vertical nicety that processes large work. Its Gao Sheng produces efficiency, tall outline precision and fast face quality are a few a few advantages of this one product only. New design concept is Chan Yide Ma Jiquan exemple, HSC 75 Linear and HSC 105 Linear are this product line in the first provides the machine tool of technology of drive of electric machinery of B axis torsion, can patulous for machining center of high speed of 5 axes linkage. All axes of machine tool of cutting of these two kinds of high speed are steep drive entirely, what can produce the acceleration that is as high as 2g and 90m/min is fast move speed, improve manufacturing efficiency 20% . The close solid of dragon door is cast structure and finite yuan those who optimize is modular the basis that lathe bed forms character of motion of this machine tool and highest surface mass. And, direct way measures a system to make treatment precision and outline precision taller. The machine of high speed of vertical machining center of Ha Si of machine of machining center high speed has Ha Sili type VF-2SS/3SS/4SS/2SSYT/3SSYT/6SS in all 6 series. It is with VF-2SS only exemple. The platform of Ha Si VF-2 that Super Vf-2 is based on classics works test and verify (journey of 25" of × of 30" × 16" ) , mark matchs 12, fast knife library mixes main shaft of 000rpm direct drive, freeboard 1400 inches / the high speed feed of cent. Unique direct drive system combines motor to main shaft directly, is not leather belt. Shake, give out heat and noise is lower than other drive system, can provide better exterior treatment, thermal stability and quiet operation consequently. The 24+1 side of new design hanged type knife library to use lighter material and high-powered servo motor, change a knife to not be in 1.

5 seconds can be finished. The guide screw of high pitch ball on all axes and motor of tall torsion servo offerred 1400 inches of minutely fast feed. Ha Si machines form a complete set in high speed or chose fittings domain to still develop a variety of efficient auxiliary technologies to divide bits in order to decrease, change the operation such as workpiece, improve overall manufacturing efficiency in the round thereby, shorten treatment is periodic. Purify cutting is the work that one is cost and affects manufacturing efficiency normally. It is OK that the screw type that Ha Sikai sends cuts bits transport automatic purify cuts bits, and to increase dependability, its can feel from the intelligent system of the belt measure torsion load, if produce card to live, direction of automatic changeover. Cut bits to hang type to cut bits to be in charge of through side from eduction of machine tool shield, enter await hereat inside a portable container. The fast system changing a knife of Ha Si SMTC also makes the manufacturing efficiency of vertical machining center taller. Locate knife library afresh outside working area can vacate working space, should use the 4th with 5 axes very big flexibility will add when revolving stage or large clamping apparatus. This knife library still was deployed change mix of knife double arm quickly, can change a knife quickly. More more cutting tool, work spaces and faster change a knife, these advantages close and be one, the user will win taller productivity and reductive installation time. While Ha Si is developing aircraft of high speed of vertical machining center, still developed systems of a variety of form a complete set that improve peripheral efficiency, rise significantly overall manufacturing efficiency. The graph is machine of high speed of Ha Si VF-2SS. It is besides the cutting tool that hold clip, automatic tray also is the important segment that increases high speed to machine efficiency. VF-3SS and VF-4SS are optional distribute sheet (2 workbench) or double (4 workbench) workbench exchanges unit automatically. Ha Si APC- is automatic tray exchanges unit, can realize VF-3 or the unmanned operation of VF-4, improve productivity. Automatic tray exchanges Ha Si device is the tray that a kind of flank lades changes implement, deserve to have tray of steel of 40" of two 19" × . The heavy-duty and cast-iron base of commutative unit secures automatic tray to go up in vertical machining center directly, can increase stability, need not secure further, air smooth system can ensure at 3 o'clock stability, avoid to shake. Automatic tray exchanges device to be able to come true to be in some tray in the process of executive treatment, off line executive blame machines the task (for example clamping apparatus setting and component change) . To achieve the biggest productivity, can increase two automatic tray to exchange unit, in all 4 tray. Below the circumstance that already all laded in all tray, no matter be,two still are 4, vertical machining center can realize unmanned operation. The control equipment that this kind of compositive system requires to be able to use vertical machining center through grooming simply only is not had seam an operation. Company of MIDACO of United States of system of exchange of tray of American MIDACO machine tool has hand of 36 years of production to move, the history of system of automatic tray exchange. According to introducing, what its contain adjustable foot is compact model deferent device, apply to all sorts of new or existing machine tool, through exchanging tray, can undertake adding installing, uninstall, the job such as new job of examination workpiece, setting, additionally tray can be in machine tool or workshop crossing-over, through tool clamping apparatus is being installed on tray, of utmost reduce the setting time that repeats the task. It is OK that the hand moves tray system to operate personnel inside several seconds the hand is moved change, handle can lock up tray accurately easily go up in autodyne surely. Linear slideway made sure tray makes the same score steady flow free to convey, repeat fixed position precision + / - 0.

0025mm. The characteristic of automatic tray system is relaxed outfit card is large with heavy work, can bearing most 3636kg. Structure of much contact jet assures exact location, deploy 3 water chestnut to be able to invent programmed control, completely as compositive as the machine tool, allow to operate personnel to be opposite according to the weight of clamping apparatus the kind of to load rate of tray undertakes process designing, in order to optimize treatment function. Treatment can be interrupted quickly below emergency. The fixed position that hard grinding of temper by dipping in water crosses is sold assure + / - 0.

The repetition of 025mm locates precision. Carapace of periphery of additional and optional CE. Use MIDACO tray exchanges a system to be able to realize pair of times productivity; Block workpiece from traditional thread binding; Can come true nobody turn treatment; Change a ceaseless plane; Clamping apparatus, tray completes trade inside several seconds; Between identical machine tool or different brand machine tool tray is OK crossing-over. The evaluation of the user is best specification: "In assure product quality while, because to load and the machine down time that uninstall workpiece and create decrease greatly, make produce efficiency to rise substantially thereby, this is me 25 years many those who will had been used is best the most convenient tray exchanges unit. " when engineer of company of plume of Bin of American Precision Partners speaks of this tray system, say so. CNC Milling CNC Machining