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ANSYS coordinate department sums up working plane (WorkingPlane) working plane is the reference that establishs geometrical model (X, y) plane, advanced processor is useful will build a model (geometry and reseau) when overall coordinate is fastened in every to begin to undertake a new ANSYS is analysed, already 3 coordinate fasten predefine. They are located in the overall origin of the model. 3 kinds of types are: CS, 0: ? S of Dai of Han of  of  of ǘ of fluorene Mi Ya, 1: ? S of Dai of Han of  of fluorene Lu  , 2: ? Ending  of closely question of firewood of hut of Song of  of stool of Han of  of fluorene near clam sunlights Cong and Han of  of  of ǘ of the Mi Ya that slaughter fluorene carries  Mi Mai to closely question Kang steals banter to cut acetic  Han into parts to touch cowardly of stool of Han of  of opening of plant of paddy of Han of  of opening of plant of > of copy of the ǖ that write a lip. The coordinate department of activation is the referenced department of specific time in the analysis. Default is department of overall Cartesian coordinate. When founding a new coordinate to fasten, new coordinate department turns into activation coordinate is. This indicates the command that the activation coordinate from the back fastens. The method Workplane>ChangeactiveCSto> that coordinate fastens activations in menu. Node coordinate fastens each node to have an adherent coordinate department. Node coordinate fastens default to Cartesian coordinate is fastened and always fasten parallel with overall Cartesian coordinate. Node force and node border condition (restrain) the direction that those who point to is node coordinate department. Time process aftertreatment implement / the result data in POST26 is conveyed below node coordinate department. And general aftertreatment implement / the result in POST1 is to press result coordinate department to have expression. For example: ? P Tuo raw meat or fish bursa of Mei of extensive of my crusty pancake ┘ of  of  of post perch Bo swim refute of honest of  of Ping of violet blade of J of  of the border that break flood dragon is troubled by Han of  of  of post crucian carp of ㄒ of travel Mu lip to block island of Han of  of post king crab of Huang of ⒎ stand erect to be afraid of? for example CS, 11) . This local coordinate fastens the coordinate department that makes activation now. Choose all node on the circle next. Through using "Prep7>Move/Modify>RotateNodalCStoactiveCS" , the way that the front that the node coordinate that chooses node fastens will tie along activation coordinate. Did not choose node to keep changeless. The indication that node coordinate fastens passes menu method Pltctrls>Symbols>NodalCS. The X way that these node coordinate tie the edge is radial now. Restrain these X way that choose node, it is the radial tie that bring to bear on. Attention: Node coordinate department always is Cartesian coordinate department. Can rotate node coordinate department to fall to coordinate of a local column. Below this kind of circumstance, the X way that node coordinate ties points to radial, y direction is Zhou Xiang (Theta) . When but should bring to bear on,null of Theta direction blame moves, ANSYS always defines it for displacement of a Cartesian Y is not a roll (Y displacement is not Theta displacement) . The way that unit coordinate ties unit coordinate to fasten certain material attribute (for example, the lay up direction of composite material) . Also be very useful to the aftertreatment, such as draws bridge and the velar strength with unit carapace. The front that unit coordinate fastens can be found in the description in unit type. Result coordinate is fastened / Post1 general aftertreatment implement in (displacement, stress, pedestal returns power) report in result coordinate department, default parallel is fastened at overall Cartesian coordinate. This means default circumstance displacement, stress and pedestal return power according to overall Cartesian expression is fastened in coordinate. No matter node is mixed,unit coordinate is fastened how set. Should restore radial and annulus to stress, result coordinate department must rotate to be fastened to proper coordinate. This can come true through menu method Post1>Optionsforoutput. / aftertreatment of POST26 time process implement medium result always fastens expression with node coordinate. It is right that indication coordinate fastens indication coordinate list cylinder and ball node coordinate are very useful (for example, radial, ) of Zhou Xiang coordinate. The proposal does not activation this coordinate department undertakes indication. The coordinate department on screen is Cartesian coordinate department. Indication coordinate fastens department of the coordinate that it is column, circular arc will show for linear. This may cause a disorder. After because this is in,expressing node coordinate in order to be not Cartesian coordinate series, will show coordinate department restores be fastened to overall Cartesian coordinate. CNC Milling CNC Machining