Carbon fiber beforehand dip expects one-way belt spreads apply solution

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Well-known, numerical control device is used in aviation domain to carbon fiber beforehand dip expects one-way belt undertakes spreading apply automatically only then at last centuries 70 time, use the earliest at military plan project, just expand gradually till 80 time evening civilian engine project. And even if is in at that time, the foreground that composite material applies in civilian machine returns very not Anacreontic, market relatively lesser, also do not have a few equipment manufacturers to be able to supply equipment, prep let alone is rich solution. However, did not pass how long, composite material expands increasingly in the application of civil aviation domain, in Boeing 777, the phase in on the type such as empty guest 330/340 more and more composite material. The shop takes function to improve the efficiency that composite material workpiece machines and product quality substantially, a large number of application of composite material offerred good development opportunity for shop band plane. Additional, the workpiece sort that can spread apply with shop band plane also increases with each passing day, for instance bridge, costal region, long top gem, equal remaining part is mixed hang down the envelope of end, this spread apply equipment to raise taller and taller requirement to automation numerical control. The development of new model, like Boeing 787, empty guest 350 waited for a project to drive the equipment that spread apply to be in again of amount, sort and diversification respect develop energetically. Efficient the shop of plane of the much band that take a shop is the first the requirement that shop band plane has satisfied the automatic numerical control of comprehensive solution tradition to grow increasingly hard, appeared to be aimed at the personalized solution of different application circumstance gradually then, these solutions covered all demand that produce efficiency and field of complexity of spare parts surface. Overall will tell, have two kinds of big facility that spread apply: One kind is shop band plane; Additionally one kind is the machine that spread silk. In the light of production efficiency and place extend apply workpiece range complex degree, plane of automatic shop band can divide into the following 3 kinds of different set: · production efficiency is taller, can spread apply to comparative of degree complex model the series of standard of face workpiece; · manufactures efficiency the taller, series that processes flatter surface work; · production efficiency is general, but suit very complex model the series of face workpiece; Besides afore-mentioned limits extensive shop takes facility besides, the birth of machine of silk of efficient and automatic shop, brought with extremely efficient the random that spread apply is complex the solution of appearance spare parts. This kind of equipment uses machine of belt of 1 standard shop the belt of standard carbon fiber of 150mm or 300mm bandwidth, have very tall production efficiency and capacity of first-rate squeezing ramming, aborning won success application, this kind of more than 34 equipment is already devoted move most be as long as 13 years of above. The representative application of plane of band of this kind of shop is production stabilizer, flap, rudder, litre fall the plane part such as cabin, wing, already basically made the standard technology plan that makes afore-mentioned all parts. TORRESLAYUP standard shop is the first have taller manufacturing efficiency, turn to ability very tall also. Of course, below certain circumstance, the asked to exceed 150mm bandwidth shop area of curvature of some spare parts surface gets lost ability, use the tape with wide 75mm with respect to need so. Can carry option conveniently, use machine of standard shop belt and implementation. Plane of band of this kind of shop can use machine of belt of shop of 2 much belts at solving big and large part to create the problem of a generation. Need uses the bandwidth of 75mm and 50mm, because curvature of spare parts surface needs this kind of tape, the course is taken in order to avoid in the shop (the need that change direction) in generation drape. Nextpage takes shop belt chance more applying first is to be in the production process of A-350 wing. This wing envelope has 33m to grow, 8m is wide, 125 thick. This needs very tall material shop to put rate in order to assure reasonable production time. Plane of band of TORRESLAYUP standard shop ever was wing envelope makes best solution, design to the wing face with exterior quite intense curvature however, can use the tape with wide 75mm to undertake spreading apply only. But if use this kind of tape, criterion productivity is reduced greatly, the time that makes need of this envelope place can increase greatly, the manufacturing task that the amount that and also need increases shop belt chance greatly produces per month 13 machine with satisfying. Here setting falls, plane of the much band that take a shop was carried as the proper program that solves special problem. TORRESFIBERLAYUP is efficient and automatic the shop thrum of the machine that spread silk takes a shop to be the first more the capacity that the band that has pair of 4 75mm bandwidth has open a book to read and shop spread at the same time. Such, the manufacturing efficiency of the manufacturing efficiency of plane of the much band that take a shop and whole tape that use 300mm bandwidth was equal. The biggest advantage of plane of the much band that take a shop is to be able to spread apply to need 75mm even of 50mm bandwidth tall change curved surface to the surface, place of equipment of 300mm and apply of 150mm bandwidth shop cannot spread apply this. In addition, because take shop belt chance more,the width the sum of several belts still is 300mm, so this equipment still can maintain with the standard the shop is the first shop apply manufactures efficiency identically when bandwidth of a 300mm. Those who change character, plane of the much band that take a shop maintained 300mm bandwidth shop to bring the tall manufacturing efficiency of machine already, give attention to two or morethings what 75mm or 50mm tape place have is very tall turn to ability. Another advantage of plane of the much band that take a shop is: It can use the tape of the 300mm bandwidth of a standard, or the tape that uses two 150mm bandwidth, or the belt of 4 75mm bandwidth, satisfied manufacturing efficiency and the requirement that change direction inside very big range so. Say so, plane of the much band that take a shop has groovy shop to bring the capacity of machine not only, have very tall curved surface to control ability and very tall production efficiency again. However, this kind exceedingly good still cannot satisfy to the certain demand of the user with unique solution, need undertakes optimization to plan. Below some circumstances, undertake evenness spreads apply commonner and commonner. In undertaking evenness lays the work of apply, such as joist, costal region compressed model the production process of workpiece, besides shop belt, still need further ultrasonic cut, undertake heating up shaping handling next. These circumstances and before narrate contrary, compressed spare parts is nonexistent change control to the problem, but should improve manufacturing efficiency as far as possible. Efficient plane of the much band that take a shop is efficient as much as aforementioned on the concept belt spreads plane of the much band that take a shop be the first similar, but have a remarkable distinction however. The open a book to read that its design can realize belt of 4 150mm bandwidth to expect at the same time and shop apply, so total bandwidth is 600mm. This plan can improve manufacturing efficiency substantially. Efficient plane of the much band that take a shop is devoted already move. Up to now, this product creates a field in what do not have curvature workpiece, have the manufacturing efficiency with highest whole world. Random of treatment of function of silk of shop of machine of automatic shop silk is complex model the workpiece of the face has extremely tall production efficiency, accordingly, can saying to go up is ultimate solution. Can get used to the shop apply of spare parts of all carbon fiber. TORRESFIBERLAYUP is brand-new the machine of efficient shop silk of generation, its development process costs 5 years of above. Whole development process aims to offer can great the new product that improves old product to manufacture efficiency. Such, also make the productivity of end item raised an amount level than traditional system. Because can satisfy opposite of aviation domain user adequately to produce the high demand of efficiency, machine of silk of this kind of efficient shop also is representing the development way of prospective equipment. Machines and tools of automatic shop silk has two kinds of different structures: One kind is pillar type, wear with the head / system of rear push frame works in coordination, make work of turn coming back; Another kind is dragon door structure, with the workpiece that will process other type. CNC Milling CNC Machining