Hill is tall roll out Liteline series light-duty boring cutter

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What company of hill tall cutting tool rolls out is brand-new head of light-duty essence boring mixes Liteline series knife handle, its weight is lighter than common boring head 30% ~ 60% . Liteline cutter hub uses the aluminium alloy with high tensile strength to be made, film of cutter hub surface has very good wearability, be able to bear or endure scratch and be able to bear or endure corrode sex, service life increases reason greatly. To changing knife device and main shaft, regular meeting of component of steeliness boring cutter produces the phenomenon with overweight deal, and Liteline series can be answered easily however. Of Liteline boring cutter light-duty change a design, make stress of main shaft susceptive is reduced, can undertake on Bench Machine Tool deeper and bigger bore hole treatment, also can use taller cutting parameter and more reliable precision to undertake horizontal essence boring, the operation is very handy. In the meantime, of handling time shorten and what light place of cutting tool weight brings is fast change knife and faster main shaft to wait for an advantage quickly, make produce efficiency to get bigger rise. As modular as existing Seco Graflex systematic photograph is compared, the external diameter of head of Liteline essence boring and knife handle is bigger, and petiole still uses steel join, the tigidity of component of this cutting tool compares reason existing product is strong. CNC Milling CNC Machining