Trestle type FZ100 of planer-type milling machine

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The company passes Cimoman the combination of FZ100 of planer-type milling machine and M3 ABC of 3 axes milling head realized 6 axes successfully to machine. In big cutting the quantity processes material of mould of aluminium alloy, composite material, model and steel of high speed cutting established new standard with cast-iron domain, concept of this kind of treatment solved a tradition the bottleneck that 5 axes linkage machines 2 axes fork milling head. Treatment efficiency raises 4 times. In treatment typical belt tilts work of square chamfer body, if contain the aviation structural member that casing of numerous chamfer form lies between, its sidewall has 3 normally. ~ 5. obliquitous, when use M3 ABC milling head undertakes machining, even if is the turning point that lies between in casing, m3 ABC milling head still can carry constant tall feed rate, of cutting tool wear away also remarkable because of this reduce. Pass 3 axes cooperate, need the smallest whirl to be able to implement the change of angle of random of cutting tool direction only, shortened considerably handling time. Process of every treatment loop medium or after finishing, c axis is frequent considerably rotate and from treatment the surface breaks away from a motion that withdraw to need no longer. M3 ABC milling head is milling head of the first 3 axes, have 3 freedom are spent and substantially rotate limits, because this has tremendous treatment flexibility. The utmost phenomenon that the A/C-2 axis milling head that shunned a convention successfully is faced with when ° of A=0 of runner shaft coming back. Accordingly, create a field in mould and prototype especially, the 5 axes linkage that just achieved truly to bring about the most perfect surface to machine quality for the first time machines means. The advantage of arc slideway makes the construction that milling head even if still can hold compact below the case that introduces another axis, improved flexibility and treatment performance further thereby. The geometrical precision error of milling machine realizes complete compensation first. Outside getting rising in the round except machine tool character, it is below the premise that machine tool precision is not affecting treatment efficiency inside certain cycle very conveniently calibration. Use the M3 ABC milling head of original creation, treatment flexibility and exterior quality get promoting considerably, entered area of planer-type milling machine brand-new treatment height. CNC Milling CNC Machining