The modelling of dynamoelectric tool is designed (below)

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The curve edits 1.

Choice format - move to the layer, move all curves in view to 9 2 of a graph.

Use: ? Su? alternates - the choice is elliptical - translation - solstice makes A-A coincide 3.

Use: ? Su? alternates - the ellipse of translation of the pace on the choice - circle rotate point-blank - A-A is linear, angle is 90 degrees, mobile 4.

The others 3 ellipse also are to reflect this method 5.

Choose side of ellipse of lateral of batten curve join.

Following plan institute show a picture 10 7.

Generate curved surface 1.

It is 100 settings working layer 2.

Choose: ? Straight  of  of nest of  of fie of ü   seeks 2 3 of string of? of  of belch widow Shan growing permanent teeth.

Choose: ? ? of firewood Jin correct chooses the foul line of end face, click affirmatory, next underside also are such 4.

Choose: ? The curved surface that generates above choice of? of an ancient type of banner hoisted on a featherdecked mast - affirmatory 5.

The plane that builds a Xc-yc 6.

Use: ? Qia? cites collect, set a referenced market that the name is Handle-solid, design entity and Xc-yc plane base 1.

Build 2 2 of file Powerpack-covre string.

It is a setting 7 3 of working layer string.

Enter: ? Plane of C-yc of of look forward to of a gathering of things or people adds dimension graph 11 4 for curve of draft plane scale.

It is 2 settings working layer, WCS circles YC axis to rotate - 90 degrees, enter draft to operate an interface, it is Xc-yc plane high circular arc of draft plane scale 5.

It is 3 settings working layer.

Enter draft to operate an interface, set Xc-zc for draft plane scale circular arc pursues 12 8.

Create entity 1.

Choose: ? The curvilinear drawing of the pace on choice of  scald? is hypostatic 2.

Choose: ? ?x1 3 of  of appearance of ぷ have a nightmare chooses: Cut out - use on the pace creates entity of curved surface clip, change entity gets after radius is round 4.

Make the referenced range of plane of a Yc-zc, use a form - cite collect, set a referenced market that the name is Support-solid, choice substance and Yc-zc planar correlation design string 3 1.

Put Power-housing additionally for Powertool-001 2.

The choice adds the package that already put, add additionally two component 3.

Choose package relocation, adjust Powertool-handle.

The position of Prt and Powertool-pack, make with be identical of TIFF documentation photograph 4.

It is 250 buy working layer, choose Wave geometry connector, choose 3 substance to undertake join switch design string 3 1 uses sketch, choice Xc-yc consults for draft plane TIFF documentation, scale draft 2.

Use drawing figuration feature, undertake drawing 3.

Choice: Pour wine cup, have part to entity local design 1 consult TIFF documentation, curve of outline of scale airframe head 2, tensile curve, become entity, choose: ? Witch? has part 3.

Other is local also be such, through consulting TIFF picture, scale draft, following graphs after having drawing take shape pursue 13 pairs of substance undertake learning apply colours to a drawing 1 besides entity, the object that conceals the others 2.

Choice atelier environment 3.

Choose: ? Herd? grain, choose Metal-steel- substance, affirmatory, additionally black soft glue also is same method, is material used plastic 4 choices: ? Swim following plan institute show setting of barefooteding Ч ? graph if the graph pursues,14 final designs are finished 15 CNC Milling CNC Machining