Rigid automation is produced

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1, tigidity is semi-automatic outside changing stand-alone to expect except fluctuation, the machine tool can finish the treatment loop of individual process automatically, such machine tool calls tigidity semi-automatic turn a machine tool. This kind of machine tool is machinery or type of electro-hydraulic and compound control commonly modular machine tool and special machine tool, can undertake much face, much axis, much knife is machined at the same time, the treatment craft order that processes equipment to press workpiece is ordinal arrange; Cutting cutting tool by artificial installation, adjust, execute time and compulsive change a knife, if appear cutting tool damaged, break off, can undertake lash-up changes a knife; For example: Only station modular machine tool, general much knife semi-automatic lathe, turn tower lathe. Tell from complex degree, tigidity is semi-automatic the lowermost administrative levels that those who change stand-alone implementation is treatment automation, but investment is little, get effective fast, apply to the production system with product breed span and older production lot. Defect is to adjust workload big, treatment quality is poorer, labor strength of the worker is great also. 2, rigid automation stand-alone it is to be in tigidity is semi-automatic increase to go up automatically on the basis that changes stand-alone, the automation machine tool that assist device and fashions next makings. Auxiliary unit includes automatic workpiece to carry, on makings, next makings, automatic clamping apparatus, spiral lifting device and dislocation device; The processing that cut bits is general by scraper implement with helix deferent device is finished. What this kind of machine tool comes true also is the full treatment loop of individual process. This kind of machine tool often needs to have something made to order or change his costume or dress, commonly used change at breed very small, but the circumstance with particularly big production lot. Main characteristic is investment little, get effective fast, but versatility is poor, it is mass-produced the commonnest treatment equips. 3, product line of automation of tigidity of rigid automation product line is multitask manufacturing process, carry a system to machine all sorts of automation equipment and auxiliary equipment to rise by certain ordinal join with workpiece, the complex old system that individual spare parts processes is completed below the function that controls a system. On rigid transfer matic, by treatment spare parts with certain manufacturing metre, adopt each working positions orderly, the full treatment process that completes a spare parts automatically to book and part detect process. Accordingly, compare with photograph of rigid automation stand-alone, its structure is complex, the process that the task completes is much, manufacturing efficiency is very so tall also, it is little breed, mass-produced indispensable treatment equips. Besides, rigid and automatic product line still is had can shorten effectively production is periodic, cancel the intermediate inventory of semi-manufactured goods, shorten stock flow, reduce manufacturing area, improve labor condition, the advantage such as facilitating management. Its main drawback is investment big, the system adjusts cycle to grow, change the product is no-go. To eliminate these defect, people developed transfer matic of modular machine tool, can shorten substantially the cycle that build a line, change need to change only after the product the certain part of the machine tool can (can change for example main shaft box) , shortened greatly systematic settling time, reduced manufacturing cost, can get better use effect and economic result. Transfer matic of modular machine tool basically is used at casing kind the spare parts is gotten with what other type is not swing tower, the enlarge, bore with a reamer, boring, treatment that attacks the process such as whorl and milling. Automation product line is in tigidity to develop to the direction of firm soft union at present. Plan institute shows the rigid transfer matic that is spare parts of treatment music abduct on total distribution plan. This transfer matic year spare parts of manufacturing music abduct 1700, semifinished product is nodular cast iron. Because workpiece appearance is irregular, without appropriate transportation tool reference plane, used consequently install fixed position along with travel clamping apparatus, the transportation of facilitating workpiece. Transfer matic of this abduct treatment is assembled and unassemble with 1 by 7 modular machine tool be versed in a composition. All fronts locates clamp orgnaization offers oil centrally by a pumping station. The transportation of workpiece uses pace style conveyer belt, conveyer belt uses formula of wire rope drawing gearing drive. Because semifinished product is in,search artificially along with need of the fixed position on travel clamping apparatus, did not use device of automatic fluctuation makings. Use on machine tool working station compress air gush to blow means to eliminate to cut bits, all fronts centers supply to compress air. Cut bits to carry use catenary board type to discharge bit unit, carry from lower part of machine tool center base cut bits. Transfer matic layout uses straight formula, workpiece conveyer belt is perforative each labour, workpiece assembles and unassemble labour 4 set in transfer matic extreme. Along with elevator of classics of semifinished product of work of along with of travel clamping apparatus 5 promotion, send transfer matic from machine tool upper part only then upright, bits was not cut to scatter in carrying a process fall to the machine tool, go up with the ground on conveyer belt. Cut bits to carry direction and workpiece to carry heading contrary, fight type to cut bits promotion engine 1 set in transfer matic only then upright. Central console 6 set in position of transfer matic extreme. Productivity of rigid transfer matic is tall, but flexible poorer, when treatment workpiece changes, need stops machine, stop a line and change (if change main shaft box, cutting tool, clamping apparatus) , adjust workload normally big, stop production time is longer. CNC Milling CNC Machining