FANUC 16i/18i/21i

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Have network function exceed small-sized, ultrathin model CNCFANUC16i/18i/21i-B is control unit and LCD are compositive the CNC system at an organic whole, have network function. Use at opportunity of lathe, machining center, compound treatment, gear cutting machine to wait for correspondence of of all kinds machine tool. Control number of axle at most: 8 axes FANUC Series 18i-MODEL B controls axis of most control of 5-8 axis FANUC Series 16i-MODEL B at most 8 axes FANUC Series 18i-M MODEL B5 controls the axis at most 8 axes FANUC Series 21i-MODEL B controls the axis at most 5 axes operate the axis: Function of treatment condition choice centered the parameter related to treatment of high rate high accuracy on same picture. The parameter form that according to the structure of the machine tool configuration high speed is machined or high accuracy processes. Assign the precision rank of treatment according to real need, can calculate automatically parameter also can use level of precision of NC order injunction. Preparation boosts the preparative work level that the function is machining, can carry simple picture operation, to the mounting error of workpiece, cutting tool compensation cost has set, and the workpiece that is over to treatment undertakes metrical. Measure a surface of axis of X of the picture that decide award to measure picture cutting tool to slant buy measures picture round internal diameter to measure a picture to operated a guideline to be offerred on same picture arrive from process designing the moving guidance of the operation. Can use at machining center, lathe and the compound treatment machine tool that can undertake milling treatment and turning are machined, deploy the multichannel diameter lathe of many frame and main shaft. Through choosing image menu, the real time animation that the program that can weave sophisticated milling treatment or turning are machined simply can provide milling treatment and turning treatment (intuitionistic show) , include have the aid of to build bend cant of the model to machine at entity. Can undertake through measuring a loop of all kinds and automatic measure. The animation of the animation method lathe that lathe uses order picture lathe and machining center and the animation that machine a compound treatment opportunity actually and effective treatment exemple CNC Milling CNC Machining