The installation of pressure regulator valve of Laser Cutting machine and safeguard

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Laser Cutting machine belongs to the accurate equipment that compares high end, each component is indispensable, so we must have maintained each component, ability of such Laser Cutting machine develop its largest dominant position, help us create more wealth. We emphasize the installation of pressure regulator valve to safeguard here, where is the largest action that how installation defends nice gift to produce pressure regulator valve? The first, before installing pressure regulator valve, should be sure to keep in mind to want to blow clean conduit the dust inside, smeary wait for little grain, must prevent interfuse of sealed material fragment at the same time among them; The 2nd, the damp in air is heavier when causing condenser water, condenser water stays inside a powerful person, cause pressure-relief valve easily bad situation, should install handle so subjacent, facilitate seasonable control; Direction of imports and exports must not be installed instead, otherwise leak of time of pressure-relief valve chairman, lose pressure regulating function; Two pressure-relief valve do high low pressure to receive angry return alternately, use one-way a powerful person please, in order to prevent refluent; In importing lateral pressure conduit if condenser water, smeary, dirt waits to be able to create Chang Xiekong or reduce expenditure hole,jam, make the effect of pressure regulator valve is affected, before because of this pressure-relief valve should mount filter, prevent dust, smeary etc; Answer to be used inside certain temperature limits at the same time, exceed temperature to have damage necessarily, should prevent sun more direct illuminate, bring damage; The space with suitable put apart answers all around, so that pressure regulating operation and maintenance; Pressure regulating the pressure-relief valve after the operation is finished adjusts pushbutton should be locked up calm. Undertake step by step according to above measure, pressure regulator valve can produce its biggest effect, can assist Laser Cutting machine to produce the biggest effect more, improve cut efficiency. CNC Milling CNC Machining