Neighborhood group develops success of trial-produce of machine of JZW whorl picket independently

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Aircraft of picket of the JZW that neighborhood group owns patent intellectual property whorl is current trial-produce is successful, pass the spot test and verify of technical personnel, be about to put in the market to use. As we have learned, design of this picket machine is 24 meters into aperture deepness, the long helix drilling machine that produces before with the company is the oldest differring is machine of two kinds of picket differs into aperture, whorl picket machine is whorl shape into aperture (be equivalent to inside whorl) , long whorl gets aperture to be columnar shape. Whorl shape becomes aperture to contrast into aperture and columnar shape, its bear the weight of force raises twice, and reduce perfusion concrete dosage greatly, reduced construction cost. CNC Milling CNC Machining