Cutting of cent coming back: Craft of a kind of economy treatment

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German dimension pulls machine tool Inc. (WERA) is a machine tool manufacturer that has nearly hundred years history. The company is inchoate run quickly according to Germany the demand of the car manufacturer such as the company, successful research and development gives technology of cutting of numerical control cent coming back. Experienced tens of year market test, the special cutting machine tool that WERA company is based on theory of cent coming back matures ceaselessly, get applied extensively inside global limits. Come nearly 30 years, ground of WERA company unswerving devotes oneself to to be based on the development of the special cutting machine tool with theoretic cent coming back, design and production, the tool that uses its product at oneself above all creates subsidiary, with respect to its precision maintains gender, tigidity and economy to have long-term test rear throw on the market. Accordingly, the production means of product of WERA company machine tool and design method be in harmony collected very tall economy practical. Cutting of cent coming back is WERA company's particular patent technology, in the meantime, it also is a kind of economy model machine craft, its fundamental is very simple. Traditional turning processing technique is workpiece rotates, cutting tool is static condition; Traditional milling processing technique, criterion cutting tool rotates, workpiece is in static condition. And when the WERA machine tool that uses technology of cutting of cent coming back is undertaking form cutting, while workpiece rotates, cutting tool also rotates, the rotate speed that wants a setting to differ only is compared can. Because use the design of special cutting tool of razor blade of ISO standard lathe tool and diversification in great quantities, the machine tool product of WERA company can complete the treatment of of all kinds and intricate work effectively then. Current, the product range of WERA company already expanded from stand-alone product muti_function treatment axis modular machine tool and transfer matic. The characteristic that cent of much arris and numerical control of complex form face coming back machines a machine tool to should process a system is cutting tool and workpiece main shaft install for horizontal level, the drive that needs by treatment is machined than undertaking synchronism. When 6 arris form is machined, transmission comparing is 3:1, namely: Cutter hub jacket has bit of 3 hard alloy, the rotate speed coming back of cutting tool is spent is workpiece double what rotate speed coming back spends; Every razor blade rotates in workpiece when every a week, machine two corresponding faces. If 2 razor blade are installed on cutter hub, can use same drive to be machined than having 4 arris look. On this foundation, use whorl lathe tool can machine an end panel occlusive part or ear chamfer. Modulus 3 the following gear / the cutting tool when cent of gear hobbing of spline numerical control coming back machines machine tool machine tool and workpiece show 90 ° mutual verticality, both rotate to process work gear or spline at the same time. What the person that use can ask according to the technology is different, use different cutter hub. This machine tool can machine involute or blame involute spline or gear, the EMG that its graduation and synchronism pass WERA company -- muti_function electronic transmission is able to come true. Use same drive to compare, different program also can machine gear of tine giving a tip. If machine rat tooth dish, adopt corresponding process designing design, transverse feed realizes cutting tool. All synchronism run WERA machine tool to all be finished through EMG electron transmission, operation personnel can need to adjust a machine tool handy and quickly according to different treatment, in order to get used to the production of new work. This electron transmission but the special requirement according to the user, optional CNC control system matchs to it. Cent of numerical control of gear of aleatoric angle appearance coming back pours wine cup / go the gear claimed accuracy of gear-box of car of burr machine tool is tall, and without burr. For this, use EMG electron transmission to be able to provide two kinds of different treatment meanses, namely: Metre type graduation can be used on a machine tool treatment or continuous cutting, horn of teem acute angle, circular arc reachs globose part. WERA machine tool uses treatment doing type entirely, high speed adds man-hour to need not use cooling fluid or lubricant, treatment metre machines the 1/3 of means for other only. Among them, gear pours horny efficiency to pour the 10 times above of horny chance for the tradition, reduced manufacturing cost greatly thereby. Muti_function all sorts of machine tools of modular machine tool and company of transfer matic WERA all can configure treatment axis automation controls a system, its before the 90% above in the machine tool all ask to use automation to machine manufacturing mode by the user. Satisfy user requirement for utmost ground, WERA company provided a variety of different auxiliary facility for the machine tool, be like: System of makings of knife library, automatic fluctuation and conveyor of couplet line workpiece. Divide this beyond, to get used to the batch production of component, WERA company still designed next makings on workpiece main shaft to process a system, its advantage is oriented speed of makings of accurate, fluctuation efficiency of fast, treatment is tall. WERA company makes bade case what the machine tool secret of success with reasonable, economic economy depends on its machine tool is modular structure. What want content of sue for peace according to treatment is different, the unit that uses seriation and place can comprise the WERA machine tool of different function. WERA machine tool parts to wait for composition by main shaft of lathe bed, treatment, workpiece main shaft, chuck, cutter hub, shield. Among them, the production technology of major unit and component is quite mature already. Electric part also was used likewise modular structure, by the user treatment asks to choose corresponding software package, combination becomes standard machine tool and special machine tool. Be worth what carry is, the core component EMG with WERA the mainest machine tool is muti_function electronic transmission was used as much modular software, the user can change convenient and quickly according to different treatment task treatment product. Heretofore, already on 1000 WERA machine tool moves in auto industry and manufacturing industry of machine tool tool, the user of WERA company pervades world each district. In Germany and even whole world, almost all cars make an enterprise reach its manufacturer of main form a complete set, reach in gear, gear-box especially change engine production to the domain, the stand-alone equipment of WERA company or product line are creating the wealth that increases increasingly for the user. CNC Milling CNC Machining