Set of transducer frequency limits

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The 1 foreword ceaseless progress as technology of electric power electron and automation technology and development, the function of of all kinds and low-pressure transducer is more and more advanced also, no matter be,the respect waited to have very great progress in character of temperature rise, bulk, noise or function, output. Subsequently each parameter of transducer is increasing also, the setting that joins numerical value is more and more complex also. And a lot of parameter are mutual correlation, mutual influence, must want pair of each parameter functional character understands integrated consideration, computation completely, ability finishs proper setting. In the meantime, a lot of parameter and use a circumstance actually to have very big concern, this is about to beg technical personnel to be familiar with whole control system very much, ability assures the application with normal, efficient transducer. Set of 2 frequency limits (1) highest frequency (FUN04) is the highest frequency that transducer can output. Set is highest when frequency, should be careful not to exceed electric machinery can susceptive is highest frequency. General set is highest frequency the rated frequency of electric machinery. (2) turn frequency (FUN05) is the lowermost frequency that transducer begins to output rated voltage. Since turn frequency output voltage keeps changeless. The set inside limits can be led in highest frequency. (3) initiative frequency (FUN06) is the lowermost frequency that transducer begins to output voltage. Highest frequency, turn frequency, initiative frequency 3 person if the relation between pursues show 1 times. The plan is 1 highest frequency, turn frequency, initial frequency 3 person the relation between (on 4) , floor level frequency (FUN26, 27) is to use limitative running frequency, running frequency limitation is in of frequency on, in floor level limits. On, the relation between floor level frequency and highest frequency is shown 2 times like the graph. Graph 2 go up, the size that pitching moment outputs when the V/F character of the transducer of character of relation 3 V/F between floor level frequency and highest frequency decided electric machinery is started or low speed moves, it is transducer in numerous function a very important. Parameter of group of LG-iH transducer function (FUN08) V/F curve setting offerred character of 4 kinds of control to the user, if pursue,3 are shown. This function can choose the appropriate curve that press frequency according to load performance. Graph 3 V/F presses frequency curve (the curve in 1) graph (1) is straight the curve that press frequency, suit to pull those who move output voltage to follow output frequency to compare the constant torsion load that keeps constant quite. For instance conveyer belt, mixer. (The curve in 2) graph (2) presses frequency curve for parabola form, suit to pull those who move output voltage to follow output frequency to compare those who be parabola form to change quite torsion is laden. For instance fan, pump kind equipment. (The curve in 3) graph (3) is press frequency curve from definition form, special situation is used, user but voltage of aleatoric set output follows those who output frequency to compare. (The curve in 4) graph (4) presses frequency curve for automatic compensation form, detect ceaselessly laden condition self-correcting presses frequency curve with compensating torsion automatically. Suit to use at load of character of low speed tall torsion. 4 shedding protective character to shed protection too too is the most important to load, also be the basiccest protection function, must correct, reliable setting. Functional group parameter (the output electric current of FUN49) setting transducer exceeds voltaic protection to be restricted to be worth continuously (namely transducer is rated voltaic per cent) parameter of; function group (FUN50) setting sheds time too. General setting flows too 110% , duration 60s. When frequency installs 5 carrier wave to move when transducer, if electric machinery has noise or to the other control inside same control ark equipment generates interference, the user can adjust carrier wave frequency inside certain limits (adjust) of PWM switch frequency namely, reduce noise or interference. Set commonly for 2kHz more reasonable. The breakdown setting function of transducer of choice of means of 6 fault signal is very important, want to provide the protection of on the safe side to transducer and its load, it is the port of fault signal output that uses transducer mostly, in exterior and electric circuit implementation breakdown jumps machine. Accordingly, those who protect a function is perfect installed a function to having very big concern with the output signal of transducer. Functional group parameter (FUN44) has means of 4 kinds of set to offer user alternative: (1) starts;(2) again all breakdown;(3) is owed pressure + the heavy;(4) that start is owed pressure + all breakdown; usually, the user can choose (4) is owed pressure + all breakdown, when inputting voltage to pass low protection act namely or should malfunction only, breakdown relay with respect to the movement, fault signal is outputted namely. 7 parameter revise a lock to decide functional LG-iH transducer to parameter installs Suo Dingbao to protect a function, with preventing to have nothing to do personnel changes a few important parameter of transducer at will. Functional group parameter (FUN98) offers parameter to lock up calm function, its are operated is every input a password, parameter lock is decided and parameter solution lock can be handed in each other for become effective. Fine tuning of 8 output signal installs transducer to be in moving process, the condition signal such as running frequency, electric current, voltage shows need general to go up in Control Panel, above function can be finished through outputting the function of port to install. However, the imitate quantity that in indication process transducer exports and appearance show between the error with total constant presence, in project application, the output imitate quantity of beard general transducer undertakes fine tuning, get accurate indication thereby. (1) input outputs group parameter I/O36 to output fine tuning for frequency appearance pulse, output outputs correspondence of 0 ~ 10V between terminal FM and CM the highest output frequency of 0 ~ transducer. For example: ? Gan Deng Jian mires bite of Gang sip heart combs?0Hz, scale of face plate appearance is correspondence of 0 ~ 10V 0 ~ 60 Hz; The tension that 50Hz shows on face plate appearance is worth =50/60 × 10V=8.

333V, reach fine tuning percentage is from this 83.

33% , so parameter I/O36 should be set for 83.

33% . (I/O34 of parameter of group of 2) input output, 35 show for imitate appearance means chooses, if parameter I/O34 is set,show pattern for electric current, between output terminal LM and CM, output correspondence of 0 ~ 10V the rated output electric current of 0 ~ transducer. For example: ? Gan Deng Jian mu?15A of Chi of Si of Bao of Tuan ㄊ Su, scale of face plate appearance is correspondence of 0 ~ 10V the tension that 0 ~ 120A; shows 115A on face plate appearance is worth =115/120 × 10V=9.

583V, reach fine tuning percentage is from this 95.

83% , so parameter I/O35 should be set for 95.

83% . (3) input outputs group parameter I/O37 to output fine tuning for frequency appearance electric current, frequency appearance outputs signal of standard electric current at the same time 4 ~ 20mA, use indication transducer to output frequency, 4mA is outputted when initiative frequency is the following, highest frequency outputs 20mA when rate. For example: ? ?Hz of comb of bite of plan heart of fish hawk of natrium of Gan Deng Jian, highest frequency is set for 50Hz, criterion if transducer output frequency and relation of output of frequency appearance electric current pursue 4 are shown. Graph frequency of 4 transducer output and output of frequency appearance electric current concern parameter of transducer of 9 last words is very much, have about a hundred parameter commonly for the choice. Above introduced setting of a few of LG-iH transducer important parameter only, draw lessons from for reference of person of the same trade only with this. In real work, do not need to be not Changshu all and understanding to every parameter, it is OK to the parameter that wants pair of a few real needs only refers and be installed correctly, of general parameter primitive leave factory the value can satisfy the requirement that runs actually. Nevertheless, regard a technology as personnel, make careful study and research to the parameter of transducer and function, to enhancing oneself professional ability, it is very beneficial. In the meantime, pass continuous study, can dig the function of transducer further, improve moving function and energy-saving result, the biggest use efficiency that develops transducer. CNC Milling CNC Machining