The fundamental application of check industry robot

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On December 18, 1987, one is called " smelt metal steel 1 " the robot is born successfully, the historical your brilliant work that makes for robot of our country industry drew the brushstroke of thick Mo Chongcai, the assault fortified positions that also indicates the robot of an our country makes a technology is successful. And the history continues to now, of artificial intelligence outstanding the fast metre that flapping modern life and industry grow, and the delegate that the robot is high-end intelligence equipment, more by Yu Wei " the bright phearl of top of manufacturing industry imperial crown " . Robot Anhui army, facing personnel of obtain employment of Chinese town unit when the enterprise into important place of war industry course of study average wage has risen to 56399 yuan of current situations from 18200 yuan of violent wind 10 years ago, below weigh of high cost labour force, produce kind of enterprise general not less to the look changes industry to the robot and take the opportunity successfully to be made by the tradition make transition to artificial intelligence, one of major strategies of prospective China manufacturing industry are intelligence make. Industrial robot is mixed by drive and system of mechanical noumenon, control, transmission system the primary share composition such as sensor component. Already acceptability mankind direct, also can move according to the instruction program that weaves beforehand, the principle program that advanced industrial robot can establish according to artificial intelligence technology acts. And the industrial field that its involve is numerous, general classification has: (1) the industrial robot in hot-working production. Industrial robot applies in casting production extensive, involve cast, bolus of gush sand preparation, gush clears reach cast to carry wait for almost all link. (The industrial robot in equipment of 2) cold working. The applied field that industrial robot involves in v equipment production includes: Use at compressor of pipe bender of brace of brace compressor, mould pressing, helix to wait. (3) is assembled with industrial robot. Assembling the industrial robot in production, can be already assemble aircraft service automatically, can use directly again finish big batch spare parts to assemble exercise. The giant of advance on, fight bravely the compose of new era giant with the so gloden where the wind and the waves are highest in danger the new era legend of artificial intelligence and the new century that industry grows are brilliant. The occurrence of industrial robot liberated the both hands of jockey person, it is rescue more the chilly industrial operation environment that their body is in is right of their body destroy. The working requirement of high temperature high pressure, the healthy life that the working environment hour that Gao Fu shoots tall pollution is browbeating, and of the where the wind and the waves are highest that fights bravely to operate an environment in danger " the gigantic people of advance on " the operation that turns with mechanization, automation, intelligence gifts the achievement with efficient industry is changed, and taller economic redound benefit, this is the revolution that the times brings industry! Also be the revolution of the robot! See from this, the robot helps artificial production is the development trend with prospective fundamental manufacturing industry, also be the base that implementation intelligence creates, it is the safeguard that automation of prospective implementation industry, digitlization, intelligence changes more. CNC Milling CNC Machining